Oiling pipettes

I just found out that the cheap pipettes that sometimes come with epoxy mixing cups kits,

have a tip just the right size to fit into the Pro’s rail blocks oiling ports

Super easy to inject just a few drops of oil now and then in the reservoirs


Is there a YouTube video demonstrating exactly how to
add the oil.

I’m fact, has anyone created a Pro maintenance video?

also I wish they sold this in smaller bottles

There’s a PDF:

and we’ve discussed it a bit here before at:

It would be nice if they added side ports for the Z blocks and ball screw nut. I don’t look forward to oiling my HDM Z axis or ball screw nuts and wish they did something like the Shariff DMC2 where you have 1 easy to access oiling port that fills every block. Pulling the spindle and Z axis every time you oil will not be pleasant and makes you have to readjust the tram each time as well. Perhaps one day a kit will come out to do just that.

Carbide should sell small bottles of Vactra #2 with their rail machines. Would be easy to source small bottles and buy a few 5 gallon buckets to fill hundreds for fairly cheap with like 4 pipettes.

Just on the Z axis, right? My other linear rails do not have oiling ports.

After posting I came to realize that on the X and Y axis there is no réservoir, but on mine I do have sides holes and somehow they allowed me to efficiently oil the rails and blocks, like so (I overdo it in that video)

That said, I don’t know if all machines have similar blocks, and it seems like I have been doing this naively and it’s not really intended to do this? I don’t know, but I’m a simple man, I know it works for me, I do it :slight_smile:

The official answer is most definitely “Yes, only for Z”


Interesting. Several of my linear rail blocks have those holes filled with stuff (silicon, rubber plug, random set screw, etc), which is oddly inconsistent. Some of them are wide open like yours. It is an area of concern for me as many times using the non-aggressive CC hardwood profiles I get skipped steps and/or random X or Y offsets mid-tool path. Small “Jolts” can be felt when moving the axis by hand with the stepper disconnected from the mainboard, and an occasional bind. I don’t know how to replicate/demonstrate it any better for support, so have been scrapping around 15-20% of my projects.

The linear rail blocks have a series of port options on them when manufactured, typically one is open inside and comes with the small bolt plugging it. That’s the one you want to oil through ideally.

Some of the other threaded holes, the ones with a blind end are also options for oiling but need to be opened up in order to use them.

Here’s what my HiWin blocks look like inside - To save @Luke the trouble - NO please do not pull your linear rail blocks off the rail or open them up. I had some spares from my own rail conversion, thus I was happy to play ‘200 bearing pick up’ for re-assembly, I also had the plastic keepers that go inside when they’re not on the rail.


So I take it you have been in contact with support about this and showed them a video of the jolts/binding when sliding the axis manually with the stepper disconnected ? As this thread indicates I’m no expert on rails and maintenance/troubleshooting thereof, but it may not be an oiling issue.


Where are you guys buying this oil from? The only thing I can find in stock is a 5 gallon bucket of it for over $150. (Or a 55 gallon drum.)
I see links for 1 gallon quantities but everywhere I’ve looked, that is out of stock and it’s still listed around $50. I haven’t seen a quart or similar size posted anywhere yet.

I got my quart from ebay in the US. It was about $10.00 and will likely be a lifetime supply.

I ordered some of the 3ML pipettes from amazon just today. I dont think you need 3ML at a time but it would seem a good way to get the oil into the lubrication hole without making a big mess.

You will need to remove the Z axis to get the oil into the bottom bearing block. You could get oil in the top but if you try to get it into the bottom without removing the Z it would likely quickly drain out before you can get the screw back in.

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Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I still haven’t assembled mine yet so I’ll make sure to oil it before we install the z axis.

New Z-Plus and HDZ come oiled from c3d. No need to oil them if they are new. Depending on use likely once a year will suffice. When you do oil them you may get a drip from the bottom of the linear rails for a while so place a rag under the Z carriage to catch any oil that drips and wipe off the bottom of the rails before use to prevent any oil from dripping on your project. The drip will stop after some use.

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Anyone know what gauge the ports fit?

90-degree’s dispensing needles are a thing :slight_smile:

That pipette in the video has a tip that’s 0.1" in diameter
Again that’s a hack as those ports may or may not be used for that purpose in the first place.

Ok a 14ga should work.

I don’t know if it’s a hack… those ports in any other linear rail is exactly where lubrication happens :slight_smile:


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