Overlaying two different SVG files in Create

I have two separate SVG files I want to overlay one on top of the other but every time I try to import the second SVG the first SVG goes away and I am left with only the second SVG I imported. Is there a way to get both of these SVGs to stay? Thanks

Carbide Create will only allow one File | Open operation, at the beginning of a file, per file — no import. (except one can add an image to the background at any time, and I believe change it out for a different one — but there’s no deletion?)

You will need to combine them first using copy-pasting, or, if they’re not .svgz (does CC open those?) using a text editor — it’s just XML — save as a third file, then open.

How do I combine them into one SVG? Where do I combine them (which program)? I’m just getting started with all this.

Open both files in your favourite SVG editor — if you don’t have one, use Inkscape:

you will be able to copy-paste between them. Before saving, review the file, View | Display Mode | Outline and ensure that all paths are present and as you expect the machine to see them — if things don’t quite seem right, please look over the following:


and if that doesn’t help, let us know and we’ll work through this with you — you could post the files here and we’ll look over them together (wife and kid are gone, so I get to play with machines all day — see


actually has a bit about Inkscape which may be relevant.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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I’m interested in the plug-in for Illustrator you mention. What’s it called?

Amazon Canvas / ImagePaint:


Thanks Will. That looks very impressive but I’d have to upgrade my version of Illustrator (CS5) before I could try it out.
I must say I’m very impressed with all the help and advise you’re providing to everyone on a wide range of topics relating to the machine. I hope they’re paying you well.

My pleasure! Mostly, I do this because I love the idea of the machine and the community and the ideal which it represents (opensource CNC for everyone) — getting hired is a fairly recent thing (which I’m very glad of — it was a major boost to the DHQ (domestic harmony quotient)), and doesn’t affect what I do that much, though I’m hoping to do more.


Any reason you advise this instead of using the Import External File function? I’ve no problem importing multiple SVGs using import. I find this much preferred to combining all the art into one SVG because it facilitates grouping; CC offers the opportunity to do this, on the recent SVG elements only, immediately after import.

I suggested merging SVGs in an editor and then importing because the External File Function was not available at that time, it’s a less than 2 year old feature.