Pocket leaving small raised areas

I am carving 3/4 inch PVC and am getting small islands left in some areas - or perhaps I should say deeper cuts in some areas of the path that are maybe 1/64th of an inch or less. (please see photo) What could be causing this? It happens quite often.

I should say that this pocket area was all cleared with a 1/8 o-flute bit. But this has happened with my 1/4 inch bit as well.

Check the tip of the V-bit for damage or unsupported geometry (radius or flat). These can lead to the V-bit carving too deeply because they Bit setter is measuring the actual tip not the “perfect” point.

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Is this a single pocket CAM? It looks like 2D pocket (with stock to leave) followed by a 2D contour (without stock to leave)

What kind of Z Axis? It looks like you have backlash (slop) on the Z carriage.

If you have a Z Plus, you may have a worn anti-backlash nut:

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Thanks mhotchin. That is something I should really check out. I’ve had my Shapeoko Pro for over a year and have been using it pretty heavily. Even if thats not the issue - it would be a good best practices. Thanks!

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