Pre Designed Logos

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I do not own a machine yet but will be purchasing a Shapeoko xxl. My business partner works with realtors who will want their logos on the cutting boards we make. How hard is it to import a logo and then have that engraved on a board? Is there a youtube video that I can watch?

Depends on what format the logo is in and how it was drawn.

For a good quality pixel image, see:

For a good-quality vector image, just import and use:

For a typical Adobe Illustrator-drawn piece of clipart:


If you’re not familiar w/ vector editing, see:

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How would I import or convert and .eps or .ai file?

Use a 3rd party tool such as Inkscape to re-save as an SVG.

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Ok I can convert the .AI but for some reason the .eps wont go to inkscap. When I try to import the AI file i get this


You will need to either trace the pixel images in Adobe Illustrator, or export the file so that special effects don’t make pixel images.

View the file in outline view in AI to see what will be exported to Carbide Create.

Note that if you are using Adobe Illustrator to make files, you can go straight to SVG — just use the export option, set the resolution to 96 ppi, and be sure to clear the “Responsive” checkbox.

Since upgrading my Inkscape every image I convert in it gives me the same error message when I import it into Carbide Create but the images still work. Since the SVG image still works I have not nvestigated why I am getting the error.

In Inkscape when you “Save As” there are a lot of options. The Inscape SVG has worked but most recommend you save as a “Plain SVG”.

If the image you want shows in CC then ignore the error message.

it wont show any image just the “vectors”

Please post the file or send it in to and we will do our best to look into this w/ you.

Which version of Inkscape are you having this difficulty w/? On what platform?

Carbide 3d is the platform where i get the error message. it is the 652 Build free edition

Will I will respond tonight. Traveling to Longview to get my estate sale sewing machine serviced. Going to sew machine covers and such.

That traces really nice in CC with the default settings.


How did you do that in Carbide Create… Is it because I have the free version

Nope, I used the free version. I saved your jpg image, then used the “Trace Image” tool in CC.

It’s usually better to try to get a vector file if possible. Just got lucky and it was a really good image & traced rather well.

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I’ll try to do that when I get home tonight

As noted, this works well w/ Image Tracing (Trace Image command):

“Trace Image”


Toolpaths, assign a V carving toolpath:

The Trace Image only works well if you start with a good image. So make sure your image is not grainy or jagged edges to get the best result. Bit Map images get grainy and jagged if you change their native size so even if the image is small use the native size for best results. After you trace the image you scale the image to the size you need.

Another alternative is to use the open source free Inkscape. Open your bit map image, highlight it, and select from Path menu Trace Bitmap. You can change the thresholds and hit Update to see the changes you made in settings. When satisfied with the image use the Save As and save the image as a Plain SVG.

Thanks so much guys I really appreciate it.