Pro Wire Covers

Printed one out last night, it’s great! Thanks for the nice work! I’ll probably use a piece of gaffer’s tape near the back to secure it in place.


As a fan of protecting wiring and keeping it looking clean, I love these. I have a few printers, so looking forward to the files and happy to pay a fair fee for your design time. :slight_smile: I can also test to see if they work on a SO4. The Z switch cover should be a direct cary-over, but the sides of the gantry may need tweaking. I also want to design a cover for the back of the SO4 power switch.

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Greg is it loose? Mine was very snug, did not seem like it needed any tape.
Josh, no charge for this one :slight_smile: If you need anything modeled let me know.


It’s snug, but not something I trust to not rattle-loose during some rough cuts or poorly chosen feedrates :slight_smile:

Once you get it finalized, I will pay you to print/ship covers on my pro XXL!!!

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I am interested as well.

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Definitely onboard for purchasing a product once finalized. Don’t have a 3D printer but would definitely be in for buying these. I’ll follow up to see where you get. Nice job!

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I’ll take wire covers here too for my pro just added update table today.


Consider sharing your wire/dust cover on Thingiverse under Shapeoko ?


Made some progress, using a removable clip with a magnet for an attachment method.
Works very well in testing, secure but easily removed. A couple more tweaks and it should be ready.


My 15th try on this piece lol. Different stepper wire input design, less overhang to print.
Tried to keep with the chamfer design theme of the Pro, I resisted the urge to make everything round…
Free for personal use to Carbide 3d Forum members.
ShapeokoProWireCover_V15.stl (299.7 KB)
ShapeokoProWireCoverClip_V15.stl (38.6 KB)

I use a little dab of gel superglue in the center of the hole before pressing the magnets in with hinge pliers. Too much and it squirts out the sides, lol don’t ask…

Model should be printed like this on a raft with supports:

Uses these magnets
Amazon 10 mm x 3 mm magnets

Any problems or fitment issues please let me know.
Having your raft spacing dialed in will help greatly with the top surface quality. 150 degree steam will remove any white residue from separating the raft.

Working on a few other parts for the Pro, will update when ready!


That looks great Max!

For attachment, what about backing out those two drag chain screws and replacing them with screws that are a bit longer. Attach the cover there?

I sent that before I saw your magnet attachment solution. :+1::+1:

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Thank you Nathan,

I made several different attachment methods, trying different options, I made one with embedded nuts and longer bolts but what a pain to attach and remove. Magnets proved to be the much easier way.
The clip slides on easy and latches in, but it is still easy to remove with your fingers if needed.

I Just tested it on a 20 hour carve, worked perfectly.
One issue is I have 2 PRO machines, the first was purchased on the first day they came up for sale, the second was purchased many months later on the 3rd batch that went up for sale.
The cable chain is slightly lower on the first run Pro’s, leaving a .1 gap on top. I am making a second version with the .1 difference removed if anyone needs it.


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Finally found the time to work on these wire covers, would still like to make one last version with some chamfered edges and use fine print settings, maybe hide the hardware… But the fitment is pretty much perfect.



dang that is awesome


What is the counterweight for/connected to?
(Last picture, top center)

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Thanks @neilferreri !