Question on letter interiors when cutting out

I am cutting out words for a business…my first order! Whoop! Anyway, I will cut them out and then spray paint gold. My question is how to avoid issues when the interior of my letters are cutting out. I am a newbie and have learned a lot but have so much to learn. I am attaching the file. Also, if any of you experts see changes that I need to make on my toolpaths…I am willing to take any advice. In went with contouring but still learning so much.
usted cut out.c2d (276.6 KB)

I am using a Shapeoko HDM and stock is HDM . It came out fine but the interior letters will need a little sanding so smooth. Thank you so much.

Post a photo of how this cut?

We already cleaned in up but the center of the d in the two loops the s center. The e did fine. But it sort of broke off on the very last move and tore out a tiny section of board. Very small and able to sand down. I’m sorry I didn’t take a pic. Also. I had my max depth too high but learned from that

. I know I have read somewhere that I need a separate tool path possibly for the interior parts of letters. I just did not know if I needed to change the bit and if that needed to be done first or last. Once again I am open to any and all suggestions since I am a newbie.

  1. I would do all the interior cutouts 1st
  2. use smaller DOC and tabs
    Your final cut (thru the tabs) shouldn’t be an issue, but at worst you may have a small amount of clean up where the tabs were.
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Another newbie question is about the depth per pass, feed rate, and such. I want to take the time to do it correctly but if you see I can cut down on times safely…I would appreciate it.

Thank you…that makes sense.

Here is an example of the breaking off situation. Help! This wasn’t an interior but at the end of the piece. Do I need to set up things differently?

You are cutting a slot just as narrow as the tool to a depth greater than the cutting flute length:

(I don’t have the font you used, but that shows the toolpath setting)

Where possible avoid slotting and add geometry and cut as a pocket


and consider leaving a roughing clearance and taking a finishing pass.



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