Recreating an object from an image

As requested on support…

Given an image:

It is straight-forward to recreate this using

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Launch Carbide Create:

select “Trace Image”:

select the image, Open:

If need be, adjust using the Threshold slider.

click “Trace Image”


Note that the red and black were not differentiated, so Ungroup:

and select and then offset the circle:

using Offset Vectors:

Then apply appropriate toolpaths:

Note that to cut out the design, if the stock is thicker than the diameter of the endmill used, it should be offset by endmill diameter plus 10% and cut as a pocket down to tab height or the penultimate pass:

If one wishes to hold the part in place with tabs, add them:


Assign a Contour toolpath which starts at the bottom of the previous pocket:

which all previews as:

If one wants the G to stand proud, delete one of the surrounding ovals:

I think most Georgia fans would want the G to stand proud and the rest of the state be recessed. You have to have your priorities in order :wink:

This is easily done — just add the offset geometry to the Advanced V carving toolpath:

and restore the offset oval and add it to the geometry as well:

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THWG; Georgia Tech '76

I didn’t say I was a Georgia fan, just what they would want. I went to Tech for a bit of my career and ended at Ga State (pre-football days there).