Remote controller for shapeoko

Looking for the best advice as to using a game controller or wireless game controller to control my shapeoko xl when jogging, cutting and actuation . Have been following many of the posts, but would see a great benefit as to know what works, how it’s connected to the cutter or the computer. What are the benefits and less desirables. Lastly, is carbide working for a feature release of such a device as a retrofit. .? Who answers please let me know the model number and or the source to buy if possible. Tom

I use a Super Nintendo USB game pad via keyboard remapping software as noted at:

A Logitech F310 is used for testing the actual game controller functionality:

or one can use a numeric keypad:

or a custom keyboard:

or if using a Raspberry Pi, can control using a phone or tablet over a wireless connection using VNC.

No ideas on product development — please write in to to let them know of your interest.

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