Rii mini i8+ Controller

I bought this little Bluetooth controller as I’ve seen it mentioned on these forums and in YouTube videos. It syncs up just fine, but what am I missing here? The only reason I got it was to jog the XYZ when needed.

The PgUp/PgDn buttons move the Z axis up and down. I was hoping the arrow keys would move the X and Y axis, but they don’t. How are you guys using this thing?


Please see:

That’s what I’m saying, Will…

If the arrow keys are supposed to move the X/Y axis, why don’t it work on this controller?

Do they work as cursor keys in other apps?

Are they affected by numlock?

FWIW, I find the keyboard layouts confusing, so use a color-coded gamepad controller:

or a custom TechKeys keypad which has labeled buttons (only messed up w/ that one once):

I have the same one and the arrow keys move mine left, right, front and back. As the page up and down rains and lower the spindle. Might try removing it and reinstalling it. Also check and see what the travel is set to. If it’s set to slow you will hardly see it move. Set it to fast and see what happens.

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