Rosette experiment

Got the Cardbide Create 3d Pro code (thanks for the help) and decided to test out an idea for a rosette. Bit more ornate than I’d have at home but still cool.



Would you share the files. I like it.

cool idea/effect…
what was your design approach to this?

I should double check the rights on the rosette image before posting.

But essentially I create the workpiece, add a square and circle. Use the model tab to extrude the base thickness, add the image of the rosette, fiddle with a half dozen settings then cut.

1/16" (1.5mm) tapered ball nose and 1/4" square endmill. No roughing pass, just went after it with the bit.

It’s a simple design to make — should yield to using techniques such as are described in:

but c.f.,

The image came from here : and there are rights involved. So please observe the restrictions.

rosette_pine_test1.c2d (651.2 KB)

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