S03 Cutting stone

I’m not gonna post my speeds and feeds here because my S3 is pretty heavily modified in the electronics department, but the machine is sturdy enough to carve soapstone. Even a stock S3 should be able to do this, just slow it down a bit.
I used a cheap 1/8th ballmill (one of those 8 for $20 amazon things) and just had my dust collection cranked way, way up and wore a mask etc.
Total cut time was about 50 minutes, the piece is 4x4 and 1/8th deep.


I’m curious what mods you’re sporting, care to share more detail?

sure. I have a custom controller onboard based on a pi and a protoneer instead of the carbide motion controller, larger servo modified X and Z axis motors, DRV8825s on the Y axis and larger motors there too. I’m still belt driven on all axis but have at least doubled the torque and haven’t had a single issue.

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Hmm… very interesting. Thanks for sharing the project and your specs.

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Looks like travertine is able to be cut too and is much easier to source in tiles. My stepover on my finish pass was way off, but otherwise it cut great.
This has me thinking about some fancy backsplash ideas…


If you pick up a poly-crystalline diamond (PCD) bit, you can cut marble as well.

And use the right tool for the job? What sort of professional do you suppose I am ??? That’s good advice and I’ll see if I can hunt some of those down.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…

You better holster that kind of dirty language when you talk about me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Implying that I am a professional!? Phooey! I am nothing more than a simple man living the good life at the top of the bell curve.


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