Scaling down inlays

When doing inlays, what is the recommended scale down of the inlays from the pocket cuts? Would you scale down the same amount for width and height
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For the Cc builtin inlay you do not change the size. You invert the object but leave the size the same. In the manual method of inlay you start the male inlay at .1" or so and that technically makes the male inlay a little bit smaller than the female pocket. The CC Inlay does that for you. If you were to not do the inlay mode the female pocket and the male inlay would be the same size and the male inlay would not fit inside very far.

So before making an inlay on good wood try a scrap piece to both halves. You may need to tweek the inlay numbers to eliminate the gaps that can form around busy objects.

You create your female pocket and start at the top of material and cut .15"-.20" deep. Save your file. Then flip the pocket and check the inlay mode in a new tool path. Create your male inlay with the same tool you used for the female pocket and match the depth. The option is the bottom glue gap. Then disable or delete the female pocket tool path and save the file with a new name. The original female pocket file has already been saved. So use the Save As to rename the c2d file. Recommend including the male/female name in the file name to cut down on confusion. Generally I cut the female pocket first. Then change material and cut the male inlay. If the male inlay has any issues you can just start over with the male inlay and keep the female pocket half of the project.

I’m missing something in your explanation. You referred to “ the CC inlay does that for you “. Am I missing a step here.

Please see:

Are you referring to scaling down the entire inlay project or the male plug that would fit into the female pocketed area?

Scaling down the male inlay

That’s done automatically when you set up to cut the male part. See the link posted above.

On reviewing the image in your reply, advance Vcarve is showing two tool path # 1 using a 1/8 end mill and tool path #2 using a 60 degree v bit. Are both tool paths used in this operation ?

Yes. If you check the box to enable the area pocket clearing it will use the bit specified to hog out as much material as possible before switching to the V bit for the perimeter and finer details.


When setting up to do the male cut, do you set it as a mirror cut

Yes. Flip it one way or the other

Do you use the same depth of cut that you use for the pocket cut or different depth

Check out this tutorial from @fenrus

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