Shapeoko xxl pro Sold out?

I just got a notification email that the xxl pro was back in stock but when I go to order it’s sold out. Did they sell out that quick? I got really excited then really bummed in like 1 minute.

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Please see:

and write in to for any unreleased updates we can share.

I had the same question. I got the email also and it said the xxl was sold out as well. Did they sell out that quick? And if so any idea when the next batch may be ready for release.

They sold incredibly quickly on this batch. If you email we will do our best to answer questions around availability and the next batch.


Same here … I had one meeting to go to and when I came back it was sold out. :frowning:

@Luke It would be really helpful if on the order page next to the “Sold Out” you comment that

“new units become available on a weekly basis, please read blog post for more information”


Got an email saying it’ll be another 3 weeks approximately .

I received the email on Feb 2 and immediately went to the site and ordered the ProXXL. I guess I just got lucky and was able to order. I just received it a few days ago. would have gotten it sooner but had that darn freak winter storm down here in Houston. Thanks Carbide 3D for the prompt service.


Lucky! I have been watching like a hawk for the last two weeks. The XL came in stock, but no XXL :frowning:

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After I missed out it really pushed me right over to 1F and I placed an order. I wasn’t that I preferred the 1F over the Shapeoko ProXXL. It was that I had already had a tremendous amount of time researching reviews, watching videos, comparing CNC’s, and invested a bunch of time ‘hawking’ over the buy button only to miss out. I received an email saying it would be another 3 weeks. I’ll be honest … I was fairly upset. I understand the not taking preorders from the business side but I needed to get on the books without investing a bunch more time worrying if I was going to beat someone else out, or if my internet was the fastest, etc. I also, understand the challenges of supply chains woes right now in many different areas. I program and manage a entire dept of commercial CNC’s so when it comes to time it is not going to be spent gambling if I can get an order in. For me personally, It’s much easier and less stressful to wait the required leadtime as I usually have to do it with the big equipment manuf anyways. At least it puts me into a position where I can plan some job timelines knowing it could change a bit based on backorder status.

As an early customer of the Pro, it was absolutely frustrating that they were missing production/shipping deadlines which absolutely annoyed myself and others.

This revised approach of only selling in-stock supply, was the revised approach which allows Carbide to keep there delivery and service promises, which is one of the main reasons many purchase from here.

*In-stock supply = they require materials from other suppliers that have become the long pole in the tent, which is pretty common right now everywhere (look at automotive).

I realise it is frustrating, but I’m supportive of the approach that Carbide3d have taken

FYI - just like your delay on the Pro, I’m sitting here each day waiting for a notification on bit runner stock. Definitely not as frustrating as at least I can still make chips.

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Like I said, I understand the position of not taking preorders from the business side. Everyone’s situation is different and I couldn’t wait to place an order. It was just some feedback from my personal experience and situation. I’m positive I will have other projects that that will come up in the future and the ProXXL could still be a consideration. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re just waiting on a Fedex delivery of standoffs so the Bitrunner can mount on a Pro or Shapeoko 3. Right now the “in-stock” target date is next Tuesday.

We appreciate the feedback. We got through most of 2020 with only minor supply chain problems. From August on, it’s been a total nightmare. Hopefully we’re climbing out of it (mainly by overbuying inventory) and some level of normalcy will return.


@robgrz WTF? Your e-commerce site explicitly lays out in great detail that the BitRunner will never be made again, and while I questioned why such an obviously handy device would be abandoned I don’t know what to think now that you say that what you explicitly said on the website was gone is a lie.

Can you explain?

Could you maybe give us the benefit of the doubt and assume that it’s not a lie and we really did never intend to make more? Maybe, just maybe, we’re trying to respond to customer requests?

We never intended to make more and we were very very close to throwing the initial batch away rather than sell them. Honestly, we don’t like how they turned out, but as soon as they ran out, people asked for them. The V2 is taking more time than we expected so rather than tell people to wait for V2, we decided to make more V1 because the people who have them, love them.

There’s no nefarious plan; V2 isn’t done yet and V1 is the only option we have right now.

(Just to be clear, V1 is functionally great. It’s overbuilt internally, we don’t love the wiring and the enclosure is Soviet but it works well and people like it.)


@robgrz based on that, what’s the chance we will get a 4ft wide Shapeoko Pro XXXL :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: (FYI - no need to respond to my question.

Appreciate the response above, and can’t wait to get my hands on the Soviet style bit runner

Comrade Brandon- we’ll revisit the larger machines later this year once we’re caught up on everything. We’d need to grab some bigger VMC’s to cut everything and we’d probably have to look at freight for delivery.

It’s an option for us but there are a lot of logistical hurdles to clear before then.


@robgrz Thanks for humoring me. I just got a Shapeoko 3XL and there have been some, shall we say… quality control issues. I was introduced to Shapeoko from a colleague who has a Nomad at home, and overall once I get it up and running I expect it to be all it’s cracked up to be.

Seriously, the BitRunner seems like a seriously handy device! Put me on the list for V2! I’ll even take a Soviet leftover, Gespadim Grzesek!

Sorry for the problems. Let us know what’s wrong and we’ll fix it , one way or another. Without going into specifics, the after effects from the holiday rush, and the supply chain problems, have taken a lot of my time lately and we’re making some big changes internally to level everything up.


@Luke is on it, thanks.