Shapr3d vs Carbide Create Pro?

My situation is i spent a month learning shapr3d for modeling cabinets, i got pretty good with it. Then decided i needed a cnc router. I just ordered shapeoko pro xxl. How is CC pro for 3d modeling cabinets, then machining the different pieces? It just seems so much simpler to go with the Carbide 3d software start to finish. I just have not found any videos or examples of cabinets, boxes or multi component projects.

The Shapeoko Pro XXL has a cutting area of 33" x 33" according to the website. If you are making kitchen cabinets is that adequate for all cabinets. I am not discouraging you but most people that are making kitchen cabinets are cutting out 4’x8’ sheets of plywood. So the Shapeoko Pro XXL is an excellent machine it will not handle 4’x8’ sheet goods. Now if you can tile a job that is less than 33" wide you can make things as long as you want. However Carbide Create Pro does not support tiling yet. The software that can handle tiling is Vetric and Carveco and Fusion 360. All of those are rather expensive. I am not familiar with your Shapr3d you will need to investigate if it can do tiling.

CC pro is (essentially) for carving free flowing contours. It’s kind of 3D in a 2D world. You would not need Pro to machine cabinet parts. (Unless you’re doing some ornate carving)

CC (amateur :smiley: ) is purely 2D, so you would need to export your individual parts from shapr3d and import them into CC to machine them. Looks like Shapr3d exports .dxf, which can easily be converted to .svg.

I would start by just drawing up some cabinet pieces in CC & play around with the toolpaths to get what you want. A typical base cabinet side would look like this


With 2 toolpaths to cut the outside profile (Contour), and the bottom slot (Pocket)

And you can do tiling with CC. It just doesn’t do it automatically. You have to split up the geometry and output the toolpaths separately, but it can be done.

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Another option here is to export an STL from Shapr3D and then use a 3D CAM tool such as MeshCAM to cut it out.

For boxes see:


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