Simple custom wasteboard and vice in one

Step 1 - Make an 8"ish square 3/4" thick board (I used white pine).

Step 2 - Tape down and drill mounting holes.

Step 3 - Mount new waste board and cut out pocket with extra room for block wedges.

Step 4 - Tape down a small piece of stock and cut out 2 wedges

Step 5 - Mount your work piece in the pocket with the wedges all snug. Here I mounted a piece of red oak to start making some disc golf bag tags.

The same wedges can be used with different waste boards with different sized pockets.


That’s a great idea- really good work @FlatBaller


What a nice simple solution. Great idea, great work, and great photo descriptions!
Cookie Monster

Some other notes after last nights experiments.

I am using 11 degree angle for the wedge which works well, good holding and easy inset/removal with a rubber mallet. I have made additional wedges of varying lengths and 1.5" width to hold smaller items in the existing pocket.

The extended ‘point’ from the angle extensions can be reduced, and I will do that in future ‘SpoilVices’, most likely as an arc. This would allow for a larger pocket also.

The current pocket was designed for a 2.5" x 3.5" blank, with 1" + angle wedges.

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Awesome! I love this forum. so inspiring.

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