Stacking Text on Shapes Other Than Text

I am lobbying for CC Pro to provide a new capability: Stack text on top of shapes such as shields. For example, I want to add stacked text to a military plaque. What is the potential of this being designed into CC Pro?

This can be done in Carbide Create now — it’s just a matter of some offsetting (if doing Advanced V carving) and Boolean operations (or Trim Vectors if one wishes to preserve Curves) and some toolpaths:

If you are having difficulty doing this with one of your designs, post it here and we will walk through it with you.

Also see:

Thank you, Will, for the prompt response to my request. I will attempt to follow your instructions and let you know how I manage. Should I need further help, I will accept your invite to post my project to you for assistance. I am most thankful for your help, DICK

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