Surfacing the Pro's spoilboard strips with no lip

Hello all!

New Pro XXL owner, and for that matter, new CNC owner :slight_smile:. This weekend I’ll be finishing up the table I’ve made for it, and installing the Pro on it, and getting everything dialed in.

I’d like to surface the MDF strips on the hybrid table, but I’ll be doing tiling occasionally, and don’t want lips of unsurfaced MDF outside of the cutting area of the bit.

Since the strips are removable, I was wondering if I could run a surfacing job, shuffle the strips around, rerun the job, and repeat until the entire area of all of the strips have been milled? In theory, it seems like it would work, but I’m curious if there are gotchas related to variance in the table or axes that would pop up, since this approach assumes uniformity.

Anybody try this, or have any thoughts on it? Any alternative approaches? Thanks in advance!

Yes, @SLCJedi did as you describe.

For my part, I approached things a bit differently on my XL and will be repeating this on my Pro once it arrives:

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Oh perfect, thank you! I found @SLCJedi’s post with the details (link). I like that the outer strips’ outside edges are much lower so that the surfacing is easier the next time around.

I had a little trouble understanding where the mentioned 45 degree cut comes into play in your post. Are you essentially ramping up from the bed perimeter to the true work area on all sides?


The 45 degree angle is at the back of things — you can sort of see it in some of the other images I’ve posted — I’ll try to take some clearer ones this evening (need to resurface things anyway).


I do like what I ended up with, but I think I might slightly modify the side strip setup. I might cut them just wide enough to hit the innermost holes so I don’t have to play as much musical boards. :smiley:


Oh that’s a really nice idea. I could see a cradle board that holds the thinner strips being a nice balance of ease and elegance.

Thanks for both of your input! I’m going to go with something along the lines of Josh’s method, but I’m looking forward to getting the usage in to form my own opinion and preferences :slight_smile:

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