A different sort of filler strip

Decided I wanted a slightly more efficient usage and mounting of filler strips, so this is what I came up with:

  • the existing strips were cut off a bit shy of the working area at a 45 degree angle, and additional holes added to secure them just short of where the angle meets the baseplate underneath
  • the wasteboard strips were then cut at a 45 degree angle so as to fit snugly underneath at the back, and at the front to fit, and a hole with a countersink to accommodate a nylon bolt was cut in them
  • a hole was then machined in the baseplate to match and accept a brass threaded insert

My plan is that once the filler strips are machined thin enough that they are so thin as to need to be replaced, a similar set of filler strips will be cut of 1/4" material, then the current strips will be placed on top, cut off even, and new holes fashioned and longer screws used to secure them and the spacers underneath — once they are then too thin to be used, I’ll fabricate a replacement set, surface them a final time, (then find something to do w/ the ~1/4" thick material), remove the spacers, install the new strips, and repeat.


is that white stuff Azek? Wondering how it surfaces.

Yes, it’s Azek (some of it might be another brand from Lowe’s) — the PVC lumber seems to be formed so as to be somewhat foamed inside (making it lighter), but with a hard skin on the outside (extrusion process? molding?) — once the skin is cut off you get a porous texture which would probably need to be sealed if used for anything.

Brilliant use of cellular PVC!
This stuff cuts like butter… It’s my go to when testing something new and unproven. If, when, I slam an end mill into it I don’t have to worry, plus its damn cheap. Should include a block of it with every SO3 they sell.

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Yes, the interior is full of air bubbles, thus the lightness. Making that smooth is a trip. Takes several coats and some sanding. It doesn’t “soak in”, but there are quite a few air bubbles at the cut.

On the plus side, it brings a great gripping surface to the part. :smiley:



Unfortunately, not so brilliant when adding the 1/4" spacing strips and shifting things up — I should have realized earlier that I just needed one template and I could have then cut the strips off shorter on the diagonal and re-used the original holes rather than cutting new ones.

I don’t suppose that PVC dowels are a thing? Guess I’ll have to machine some plugs.

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