Sweepy Adapter for vaccum

I am having a hard time finding a way to attach my vaccum hose to my sweepy. I currently have this vaccum https://www.ridgid.com/pa/es/aspiradora-para-solidos-liquidos-de-gran-rendimiento-12-galones# , at my shop, but cant seem to find a way to attach or which accesory i need to reduce. Is there a vaccum I can buy that has the correct size hose? I would like the hose to be super flexible as well, currently the rigid one is well, quite rigid,

The Sweepy fits to fits to 35mm vacuum hoses such as are used with Festool and other small dust extractors. Adapters and hoses

Ridgid has many adaptors at the home store. If you have a 3d printer you could print an adaptor that fits the hose of your shopvac with the sweepy. I have the 15 gallon versos of that vac and found a 3d model on Thingverse.

Or if you don’t have any luck at the store, Amazon has lots of “universal adaptors” for vac hoses, here’s a couple of examples from Amazon UK, my Spanish isn’t good enough to find the right ones on Amazon.es ;



Found a Festool CT26 on sale on my country :grimacing: no more dust problema now, the hose fits perfectly.


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