The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(Gary) #182

AFO fire balls bought from . About $40 ea.

(Tex Lawrence) #183

Here’s a more direct link to Amazon: AFO Fire Ball, ABC Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppression Device, Fire Safety Product With Sign

(Luke) #184

Hi Guys - whilst I’m not a huge fan of promoting sales publicly I have a few cheaper HDZ units that people might be interested in…

Only 4 available…

(Vince) #185

In case anyone was wondering, the amount of actual usable travel on a standard S3 with an HDZ and shimmed proximity switches is

X - 18.445/468.5
Y- 17.106/434.5
Z- 6 /150

No frame mods and 1mm homing pull off + 1mmish clearance. That’s a healthy chunk of usable space over stock!

(Angier Crawford) #186

Can the Beaver be used to mount a full size router like the PC 690, etc. ?

(Gary) #187

With the Beaver you could mount an Elephant with the right adapter.

(Neil Ferreri) #188

You’ll be limited by what your X and Y belts can handle. More mass can cause issues.

(Gary) #189

There are limitation to all equipment. Even a ball screw has limitations. Just higher.

(Neil Ferreri) #190

I’m agreeing…saying that the HDZ removes the Z axis as a limiting factor. I think the X & Y would struggle, especially if you’re trying to hog more material faster.

(Gary) #191

No doubt. The belt drive is definitely the most limiting factor for this machine.

(Vince) #192

The Y has two motors, it should be fine. The HDZ lets you see the next weak link, the 4 v wheels on the X rail.

Carbide has an upcoming fix for this but since noone wanted to let me test a set… I made my own linear rail leverage support.

Also adding extra weight can effect how fast you will be able to accelerate. The regular makita can run 3/8s tools with a $10 collet and has plenty of power.

Imo the belt drives are a great safety feature and will slip where a ballscrew will just keep trying. It would be nice to have a load sensor to trip feed.

(Luke) #193

How much does the router weigh?i run a 5k water cooled spindle easy breasey

(Angier Crawford) #194

8 or 9 lbs. It would allow me to use 1/2" bits.

(Angier Crawford) #195

I would also be worried about the effective diameter being to great including whatever is sticking out the side of it. I’m not looking at the router right now and I don’t remember if anything is kind sticking out or wider at the top.

(Luke) #196

Weight won’t be an issue. You would need to work out a mount…

a spindle is also a good option - it takes up to 13mm bits

(Stuart) #197

I’d look for a 1.5kw air or water cooled spindle with an ER16 collet… $200-300 with a vfd on ebay, and if you buy the right one you get a decent mount, or mill your own!

(Luke) #198

Just a quick note there are a few HDZ 2nd’s on the site again :slight_smile:

Last shipments before Xmas will likely be the 20th

(Cole Markham) #199

Hoping to get one of these soon. In the meantime, I’m looking to upgrade one of our older Shapeoko 3s that has the original z-plate. I was planning to build something based on your v2 plans, but I can’t get the file to open. I tried adding the f3d extension, but it’s just not working. Has anyone else downloaded the plans and been able to get them to open?

Also, @MrBeaver, Do you have a parts list for the V2 HDZ? It might be obvious once I get the file to open in Fusion, but it would be nice to track down the parts I’ll need.

(Luke) #200

Hi Cole

You need to create a fusion 360 project then import the file to it. I believe that will also add all the associated parts you need. Note all the ball screw and rails are custom, but easy to source.


(Stephen Taylor) #201

Hey Luke,

I was wondering the other day. Is there any small maintaining that needs to be done with the HDZ? I try and dust it off and check everything but was wondering if I need to do anything else to keep it going smoothly.