The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(Luke) #1

Hello all,

As you will be aware I’ve been working hard on my Beaver CNC super heavy duty Z/X. Well today is the day that my dreams have become reality. I’m pleased as a peach to say the first orders are now being assembled over the next week! Thank you again to all my backers, you guys are awesome!

With that in mind this is what I’ve been working on - and here are some videos of the final assembly! It’s solid and looks bang tidy in precision milled anodised aluminium. It will be compatible with the suckit dust boots very shorty and power lifts a 2.2kw water cooled spindle for breakfast.

I’m now going to crack on and get making :smiley:

Those folks that backed me - please check your email. There is an import question awaiting you.


(Adam X) #2

“Bang Tidy”. You’re my favorite :-p


(Stephen Taylor) #3

It’s… Beautiful :hushed:


(Reid Forrest) #4

Blue Anodized! GREAT! Gives the Shapeoko a little bling!


(Stephen Taylor) #5

The stars have aligned. When I bought the XXL I bought some blue ttracks. Guess it’s time to get a new wasteboard made.


(Luke) #6

Todays progress on the pre orders 14 bases started 168 screws screwed in, 28 rails aligned and half the wires wired in.

Not the best photo, but gives you an idea…

first 15 units are now sold out. second batch of 10 units is now available but will be 2-3 weeks away.


(Luke) #7

Morning team!

Here is a render of the unit with a suckit! We’re hoping to have real pictures very soon :star_struck:


(Craig Cole) #8

what is the price of the linear Z?


(Luke) #9

$450 shipped globally

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(Craig Cole) #10

is this plug in and play? Assembled?? Kit? The reason I’m asking is because right now I gotta cut a bunch of fishing lures out for the Fall Striped Bass run and cant afford the down time with messing with the calibrations and adjustments and unassembling the old and installing the new. Not a big fan of the belts but they are getting me by. Damn I would love to see someone come out with a ball screw X and Y axis kit. I already upgraded my XXL base to a 5/8" Mic 6 Aluminum plate so I guess this will be in the works for the Fall


(Luke) #11

Fully assembled kit with all the parts you need. Bolts right on. Installation should take you approx 1 hour. All software changes are detailed in the instructions which I’m more than happy to share?

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(Craig Cole) #12

Damn you cant ask for anything more than that! It looks fantastic!!


(Richard Boundy) #13

How long is the lead time approximately from placing order on the website and what payment methods do you accept.
Regards Richard


(Luke) #14

Hi Richard

Shipping on the next batch of 5 will be late next week or early week after.

Through the site I can take payment by credit/debit card or I can also take paypal if needed.


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(Richard Boundy) #15

Hi Luke, Paypal would be good, can you send me a paypal invoice to and i will pay it as soon as i get it.
Thanks Richard

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(Richard Boundy) #16

P.S. Delivering to UK so invoice in £,s please

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(henry ) #17

Hi Luke,

Got a couple question for you.

1)What is the current lead time?

2)I have suckit dust boot, would your design able bolt on their carriage mount?

  1. Can I paypal you?



(Luke) #18

Good morning @Jkanzaki

  • The first batch is sold out, but the 2nd batch should be in stock late next week with shipping the following week. This 2nd batch is going fast. The 3rd batch will be approx 3/4 weeks.

  • Myself and suckit have designed a kit. My axis comes with adapter mounts but you will need the new low profile arms from suckit.

  • Yes you can, I’m trying to push orders through the website. I have enabled paypal as a payment option. Head to and you can complete checkout there.

Thank you,



(henry ) #19

Thanks for your reply.

I see you have a beefier motor at your website, is it for the Z axis?

Also you sells the proximity switch, do you have installation instruction or video of how those work?



(Luke) #20

Hi Henry

The beefier motor is actually for the X, although granted you can use it on any axis.

I don’t have any media around the prox kit at present. I’ve got all the kit but need to put the kit together. It works just like the standard but is more accurate and repeatable. I’m so bust sorting out the HDZ I haven’t been able to focus on this kit (yet) :smiley: