The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(Richard Warren) #21

Luke, I’d like to add some prox switches to my purchase before you ship, will you provide notice when you are ready to send them out?

Thanks, looking forward to tearing the SO apart yet again…


(henry ) #22

Great, thanks for your reply. I notice the motor is out of stock now. When will it be back in stock?


(henry ) #23

I am thinking of order of everything at once

(Luke) #24

Hi Richard

Unfortunately I won’t be in a position to ship the prox switch kit in the next couple of weeks. I’m actively working on it but I’m being smashed with orders on the HDZ. I thought my first three batches would last me a few weeks… I’ve sold our the first 2 batches and am scurrying around for the third. I can’t even assemble the 2nd as I’m waiting a some parts that had to be re-worked - those should be here next week.

Each HDZ requires quite a bit of time to put together - and has 97 parts - thats allot of screws and wiring a bunch of limit switches is far from fun.

The amazing news - I’m almost in a position to ship out all my backers pre orders - I’ve just finished assembling 14 units. I’m just awaiting a new water pump so I can finish of suckit mounts for people - I paid for express del and hope to get these done tomorrow. Once they are done I have some breathing room to make the mounts required for the prox kits.

I’ve now sent off another large order to my supplier for the main milled parts, and have ordered sufficient ‘stock parts’ for another 25 units which I hope to assemble all in one go allowing me to keep stock levels.

This is one of those interesting learning curves. There is allot to do and I’m doing this along with my full time job :smiley:

(henry ) #25

Hey Luke,

I know you are super busy assembling kits :smiley:
but I was trying to complete the payment through paypal and i couldn’t find the option there.
is it enable?

Also when will the stepper be back in stock ?


(Luke) #26

Hi Henry

That was my fault I turned it off but its back on there now - I found the fees allot higher than debit/credit card payments.

I’m not sure on the stepper, hopefully soon but I’m running some tests on another version too.

(henry ) #28

Hi Luke,

Another version of the stepper?

I heard you mention limit switch it. How is that different from the limit switch you sell on your site?

Just completed the transaction via paypal, I am hoping to add the motor in later at some point when you have it back in stock.


(Luke) #29

Yes, just something I’m working on.

I was looking to offer a full direct fitment and pre wired kit at some point :smiley: I like the fact your having a go and thank you for the order.

Also final update of the week!

@rmwarren @bborden @kraebs @reidfo @Adam_Xett @DCFYI @MadHatter Marcel @jshirron @Doggitz @Dill

I hope you’ve got nothing planned for next weekend as your HDZ’s are packaged booked in and off tomorrow via 3-5 day UPS. You should have gotten tracking numbers through from UPS, or Parcel 2 go. If you haven’t PM me and I will send them through.

Also the instructions are now online:

Any questions or requests for video and I will add them to the above.

Last thing before I go have a much needed beer! All your units are shipping with the adapters needed for the suckit kit. I am sorry though these are not as well finished as I’d like, my water cooled spindle pump packed in over the weekend. Thus I was not able to mill everything but had to hand mill and finish over 50 parts… If they are not up-to scratch I will either send replacements to you or send you the design files to mill your own.

For anyone who has a suckit email them and they will be able to provide you with the replacement low profile arms you need.

(Luke) #30

@rmwarren @bborden @kraebs @reidfo @Adam_Xett @DCFYI @MadHatter Marcel @jshirron @Doggitz @Dill

UPS just came and collected your Z axis. All are going via UPS express and should be with you within 3 days (Wednesday/Thursday) :smiley:

Very excited to see them get to you safe and sound. Any issues with deliveries please email me :smiley:

(Luke) #31

@Lewscrew @Stari - yours also went but I can only tag 10 people at a time :smiley:

(Stephen Taylor) #32

Awesome thanks for the update! Exciting!

(Reid Forrest) #33

Thank you! Can’t wait to get it installed.

(henry ) #34

Hi Luke

Can I ask you a quick question about about your adapter mount plate you designed for the Suckit and the home limit switch it?
And the home

  1. There is a spacer between the adapter plate and the low profile arm, what is that distance?
  2. What is the thickness of the adapter plate for the suckit?
  3. My third question is regarded the limit switch kit. When I place my order on your website I order 3 of those limit switches. If you are going to design a kit for it. Can I change my order to that instead? Just wondering.

Thanks Luke.

(Luke) #35

Hi Henry

You need to be a bit more specific, I’m a little confused.

To fit the suckit I’ve provided little arms that go on the back of your axis, however you will need suckit adapters for your suckit. Please see the picture below. To order these email - I don’t make these.

If you want to make your own axis stays the design files are here. I used 4mm aluminium but this is overkill.

I am planning on making a kit for it, but I’m a couple of weeks away. You can swap your order but I will need to refund you.


(Jonathan Pound) #36

Hey Luke, a bit off topic but I couldn’t help but spot the (aluminium?) waste board/base on your demo machine. Is that something you sourced locally?

(Luke) #37

Yes it is. I wanted the one from carbide 3d but posting a massive sheet of machined aluminium isn’t that easy from the US to the UK. I ended up making my own by hand which was quite fun. I also designed the waste board plans that float around on here every now and then.

I used 12mm aluminium sheet and it makes a real difference to the rigidity of the machine.

(henry ) #38

Hi Luke,

I already own a suckit on my SO3, but I am thinking about the feasibility to design low profile arm my self, since you provided the plate for the suckit attachment.

I will swap to the home limit switch that you will design, I can pay the price different via paypal if that is easier.


(mark robinson) #39

Hey Henry,Have you seen the new suckit for Beaver HDZ they did a great job

Looking at bringing a new Z axis to market
(Neil Ferreri) #40

@orlrobinson Where did you find that?

(Luke) #41

I believe it’s in the mail to me! Should be coming today.