The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(mark robinson) #42

Their facebook page had the pic

(Luke) #43

SO this is now coming tomorrow. Step out for one min and I missed DHL…

(Mad Hatter) #44

I ordered my Suckit in “Beaver Blue” as well. Can’t wait to get it and put everything together.

(Luke) #45

Did you see my instagram? I’ve got one all setup :smiley:

(Temujin Kuechle) #46

Hi MrBeaver,
Would the Beaver CNC HDZ be cheaper if you just sent the parts in a box with the intent for user end total assembly? I have lots of tools that I don’t mind using for assembly purposes.

(Luke) #47

I did think about it. However each one only takes me around an hour to build. But that includes pulling all 96 parts together. I don’t think it would save me much time as I then have to worry about correct assembly and ensuring nothing is missed from the box.

I also have the next 25 unit boxes and components in assembly

(Luke) #48

Evening all, just a heads up I’ve setup a new email for Beaver CNC - I’m starting to get quite a bit of traffic.

Now you can email :smiley:

(Stephen Taylor) #49

It lives!

I have no idea what I’m doing on ugcs though. It homes like in the video but “jogging” is extremely slow. Haven’t tried much else. Just wanted it to work tonight :slight_smile:

(Luke) #50

Woo. That’s one of your homing settings you have a fast feed rate for seek then a slower one. What are you using to control it?

(Stephen Taylor) #51

Ugcs since I can ask for help here. All I’ve ever used is carbide motion.

(Luke) #52

$24 is your Homing feed, mm/min

$25 is your Homing seek, mm/min

You want to change $24

(Stephen Taylor) #53

Thanks! I’ll check it out after work

(Stuart) #54

Damn that looks good!

(Stephen Taylor) #55

Also any way when I press the jog button to get it to stop when I let off the key? It usually just keeps going until I hit the top stop button.

Also #2 I’d anyone has any useful Marcos somewhere maybe we can post them here ?

(Luke) #56

Thats UGCS feature. I have programmed in my machine front, and a tool change position. Thats about it

(Stephen Taylor) #57

Ahh gotcha. I guess I need to hot key the stop then.

(Stephen Taylor) #58

ok so when i change (try to) $24 it just reverts back too 100 when I hit save

(Neil Ferreri) #59

How are you changing it?

(Stephen Taylor) #60

Through the machine tab up top. I’m new to anything other than just carbide motion.

I’m guessing sense your asking that, where I’m trying isn’t the place to don’t that… But just a let you know what your settings are.

Edit: Got it working! Speeeeeed!

Now just need to get it all level and good to go

(Neil Ferreri) #61

In the console type $24 = (whatever you want)
Sorry, replying from a phone.