The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(Stephen Taylor) #62

I can’t believe I actually got this working finally. No more eyeing / paper z axis mess!

Also new wasteboard with t tracks. Try and level it out tonight.

(Luke) #63

I love your T tracks!

(Stephen Taylor) #64

Haha told ya in the beginning it was meant to be when I saw the color it was going to be! When I first ordered them I didn’t know they were going to be blue.

I hope the wasteboard leveling is enough. The t track clamps are a bit short

(Luke) #65

Good morning all

@rmwarren @bborden @kraebs @reidfo @Adam_Xett @Lewscrew @DCFYI @MadHatter @Maverick @Stari

As a firm believer of the kaizen philosophy I’m constantly looking about ways in which I can improve the installation of the Beaver HDZ. As a result I’m looking for ideas and suggestions on ways it could be implemented to improve things. There are now 20 units out in the wild. Another 5 landing next week and more on order.

I’m now extending on my capacity to improve things before ordering large quantities of parts.

Some of the improvements being made:

  • New spec machined motor stays
  • Changes to screws and screw specs
  • Better shipping boxes - now the HDZ is not shipped with V wheels fitted due to to the screws puncturing the box.
  • Inclusion of additional cable clip for Z motor & limit switch
  • Many changes to the instructions and additional videos
  • Additional hardware mounting threads

I’m open to suggestions to any changes people might suggest - please drop me an email. I’m particularly interested in the Z limit switch. I’m curious how users fitted it.

  • The wire was long enough, I just plugged it in.
  • I used my existing limit switch wire - chopped the old switch off and soldiered it to the provided connector.

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(Luke) #66

@jshirron @Doggitz @Dill @richpan - I can only tag 10 users at a time but appreciate your votes :smiley:

(Stephen Taylor) #67

I’ve used it for one project and it worked great. Had issues with the standoffs (had to drill them out as you know) but everything else worked out great. The easy tram is awesome

(Luke) #68

Thats great to hear. I will be addressing the variances with stand offs shortly :smiley:

(Adam X) #69

Glad that wasn’t just me with the standoffs :slight_smile:

(Luke) #70

I think it was only you two, maybe one other that has raised it. That said ‘Kaizen’ now I will be machining my own stand offs by the end of August…


Excited to get this, can’t wait.

(Luke) #72

I’m expecting the next batch of parts mid August. I hope to be shipping shortly after :smiley:

(Richard Boundy) #73

Great upgrade and thanks Luke for your help getting going with UGCS… its so much better than carbide motion…

(mark robinson) #74

Is that a dewalt 611? is that a newer model,how the power cable goes up instead of the side

(Richard Boundy) #75

Dewalt router D26204 240v (I’m UK Based)

(mark robinson) #76

Oh! ok…Thanks :slight_smile:

(Luke) #77

I like your pc setup there

(Ken Chalk) #78

I’d. recmend offering a Beaver CNC designed and built CNC memachine that matches the perfection of the MDZ.

(Stephen Taylor) #79

Anyone have their settings for a touch plate in here in imperial? Tried changing the settings but having issues now with it.

(Craig) #80

I do all of my machine setup in the Software/G Code Sender in metric. The PP of most design packages will convert inch to metric.

(Neil Ferreri) #81

@Stari What settings are you talking about?