The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(Stephen Taylor) #82

The settings for the offset and how far the z moves when checking on a touch plate. Using inches mine would check the first time and then go way too high for it to come back down without catching an error. I just switched it back to MM and it works fine :slight_smile: Just being stubborn

(Luke) #83

Morning guys

I’ve been talking with a couple of makers who mill aluminium and wanted to keep chips out of their axis as best possible. Usually when milling aluminium you won’t be using dust boots.

I’m looking into bellows, but in the mean time designed some adhesive chip guards. These mount to the bottom of the axis using a bit of double sided tape.

67mm file for the Makita

72mm file for the Dewalt

82mm file for an 80mm water cooled spindle

Shapeoko side covers (fence ? walls ?)
(Richard Boundy) #84

downloaded stl file for v carve and cut out of 2 mm perspex… fitted with double sided tap… works great

(Phil Thien) #85

Is that the start of a dust shoe or something else altogether?

(Richard Boundy) #86

chip guard… downloaded from beaver cnc

(Luke) #87

It’s a chip guard I put together for those milling materials not suitable for dust shoes I.e oily aluminium

(darwin rasmussen) #88

Stari, you probably already have your answer. I discovered that when your entry reverts back to 100, it is because you did not hit RETURN or ENTER on your computer. Before hitting SAVE, HIT RETURN or ENTER, and your change will catch hold.

(Stephen Taylor) #89

Yep! Spoke with Luke about this and yea kind of felt stupid but that was the issue.

I am having another issue however that I’ve just been dealing with in ugcs.

I run a project, once it’s done it goes back to the tool x/y. If I hit any of my macros like front left / center / right. It shoves the axis into the front of the machine. I have to hit the macro and then the *stop button before it hits the front.

Once I hit stop, I hit one of the macros or tool zero it works fine and goes back to where it needs to go.

(Luke) #90

Can you share a macro?

(Stephen Taylor) #91

Front left: G53 X -870 Y -850 z -5 F2000

It could be, but even if I post the “center” one G53 X -430 Y -425 z -5 F2000, it will move straight forward instead of back to the center.

(Neil Ferreri) #92

Are you in incremental mode (G91) by chance?
Put a G90 in front of the G53 just to be safe.

(Stephen Taylor) #93

Ill try it out when I get to the house, thanks!

(Stephen Taylor) #94

Hey guys.

Have any of you with the HDZ that ordered the new dustboot for it received it yet?

(darwin rasmussen) #95

Yes. Received it yesterday. Somehow, it will be installed today.

(Neil Ferreri) #96

I haven’t heard anything from them yet.
Ordered July 27.

(Stephen Taylor) #97

Sigh… I haven’t even gotten a notification. I have alot of stuff to do with MDF and I’m not touching it until this thing comes in. I ordered on the day the announced pre-order.

(darwin rasmussen) #98

I have my SuckIt mostly installed. Just one problem. The bracket that attaches to the back hits a spacer that causes the bolt holes to be misaligned. This spacer is one that was supplied by Shapeoko. Y)ou may need to shave a little bit off the large bracket to make the holes to align with the holes in the back of the HDZ. The photo shows the shaved part where the top spacer is.

(Luke) #99

Hi Darwin

It also looks like you might have different X motor mounts? Can you confirm the diameter?


(darwin rasmussen) #100

The spacer/motor mounts that Shapeoko supplied are almost 1/2-inch in diameter.

(mark robinson) #101

Shoot Mark an email at Suckit,Mabie they can get it out for you,Real easy to deal with,Great people over there.