The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(Stephen Taylor) #102

Yea I have before I just don’t want to be annoying. Haha

(mark robinson) #103

Nah they are super cool,Just tell them you have projects to get done and ur really excited to receive it.If anything he will give you a heads up on the expected delivery time.

(Stephen Taylor) #104

Yea I just did said he’s going to check as they are doing some shipping today and will let me know.

(Neil Ferreri) #105

I’m not complaining. They said the lead time was up to 4 weeks, but, I agree, they are great to deal with.

(Stephen Taylor) #106

Yea I’m definitely not complaining. I’ve always had a great experience with them. I was just wondering.

(Reid Forrest) #107

Hoping to get mine soon. I’m holding off on a few projects until I get the Suckit installed. My workshop is in a room I use for other things, so I don’t want to go crazy with the dust. Surfacing the wasteboard on the XXL will definitely have to wait…

(Reid Forrest) #108

Since this thread is about the HDZ, I have to give my thanks to Luke @MrBeaver for his work on this. I got mine in perfect condition and installed it easily. The only thing I wasn’t sure of was the X limit switch mount - you need to transfer it from the stock Z to the new one. I couldn’t be happier with the new Z axis. I was having serious issues with the stock one. Thanks Luke!

(Luke) #109

@reidfo Thats great to hear! Have you made any projects with it? @bborden posted a really nice carving on FB last night.

Also thanks for the tip on limit switches. I will add that detail to the instructions :smiley:

(Brian Borden) #110

(Brian Borden) #111

About 6x9” and tons of detail. Picture doesn’t do it justice. The hdz got a healthy workout as the eagle had ALOT of up and downs, very fast. Very nice work from luke

(Brian Borden) #112

All handy work of the hdz. Didn’t skip a beat on the aluminum.

(Richard Warren) #113

@bborden Nice carving.

Can you provide info on the dust boot? It’s not one I think I’ve seen. Thanks.


(Brian Borden) #114


I have a suck it as well but the one in the picture I attached a link to.

(Stephen Taylor) #115

Update: Jen said mine at least would be shipping Friday. So they are coming out! Yay

(Luke) #116

Mark and Jenn are good eggs!

(Reid Forrest) #117

I’ve only done a bit of tests with the laser, which of course doesn’t use the Z. I did get UGCS working with the Triquetra touch probe and did some zeroing. Also tweaked the max feed rate for the Z based on some tests I did seeing how fast I could move the new Z axis before it skipped. It moves faster than I thought it would.

(Stephen Taylor) #118

Don’t have a laser but I saw Winston Moy on YouTube had his machine moving super fast. Not sure what the speeds were though.

Also what laser do you use? Picture of your setup?

(Craig) #119

Just curious how fast you were able to go on the HDZ, I went 20% over with no issues. Haven’t had a chance to tweak it since both machines with upgrades been in heavy production since the upgrade.

(Reid Forrest) #120

@Stari and @Lewscrew good questions. I will be working with the XXL tomorrow and will post what I was able to set speeds to. As for the laser, I use an Endurance 10 watt laser mounted alongside my router. I don’t have any pictures of it, but just imagine zip ties and tape holding a laser onto the Z axis and you get the idea. :slight_smile: Now that I have my HDZ, have the modified mounts for the Suckit on the way, I plan to mill a custom mount for the laser to mount to my HDZ.

(Clifford Land) #121

seconded on this… any plans for an x/y upgrade kit in the future