The Beaver CNC HDZ Lives!

(Luke) #162

Hey, I can weigh in on this but which PD settings are you referring to?

(Gary) #163

Actually I have not looked at all the settings yet. I did the recommended setting by the manufacturer just to spin it up but I’ve yet to go exploring the VFD. I was hoping to get some advice as to what I need to look at before I start.

(Luke) #164

Ah right, so the VFD has around 150-200 settings called VD settings.

You will need to be more specific on what you want to to do…

(Gary) #165

Yeah there are 145 settings on this one, I’m planning on setting down my next day off and so through them. I guess I’ll ask again then. Thanks

(Gary) #166

Hey Luke, I got everything set up and surfaced a new spoil board. Looks pretty good. Front to back and side to side pretty much within .005" only problem is the spindle is a little towards the back off square. Probably need to loosen up the gantry and make some adjustment. I do have a question how do you seat the little green dust caps on the linear bearing rail. I can’t get them to go all the way in.

(Vince) #167

@HDRyder you’ll find you might need to drill out the powdercoat on the X rail mounting holes to get that extra bit of adjustment. Also I sanded off the small burrs on my green caps and lightly tapped them in with a small hammer

(Luke) #168

Hey Gary

They should push in, I fount the back of a screwdriver works a treat.

They are tight.


(Gary) #169

I will probably end up shimming the bottom of the spindle mount. Also I did my first actual run today and found my round holes more oval (taller then wide) then round. So I’m guessing I may need to tighten up my eccentric nuts more then they are now which may fix all my problems. But the HDZ is rock solid as far as up and down goes. Also I received my suck-it parts and extra wheels from you today. I take it I need to use the holes that give me the widest gap for the 80mm spindle.

(Luke) #170

Correct the outer holes. If your parts are oval could be a belt isn’t tight too. You might find you need to adjust the steps on x/y. I might publish my steps calc soon

(mikep) #171 (8.8 KB)
Here’s my calibration spreadsheet.

Here’s my process:

(Gary) #172

Thanks Luke and Mike. I’ll dig into this the next couple of days. I think the issue is flex in the HDZ most likely due to wheel tightness. When I put up down pressure on the HDZ I can see radial movement that’s probably why my tooling is slightly higher at the back then front.

(Luke) #173

Are you getting forward backward flex? If so tighten the eccentrics more.

(mikep) #174

If you see radial movement, it’s really unlikely to be the HDZ. It will be the wheels on the carriage, or the rail itself moving.

(Gary) #175

No. It’s not the HDZ. The linear bearings are solid. There is considerably more weight on the gantry with the HDZ and 2 2KW spindle. So it’s probably just the eccentric nuts need a little more rotation to tighten it up.

(Gary) #176

Well Luke. I think I’m done for now. What do you think.

(Stephen Taylor) #177

Looks awesome, what are the orange things??

Also can I get a picture from the side, I want to see how you have that 4in hose hooked up. I have mine hooked up to one but it rubs on the damn router sometimes.

(Luke) #178

I’d like to move in and work at your place

(Gary) #179

Stephen, the orange things are fire extinguisher balls. Some times I wonder into the house with it running. I do have a camera on it but a garage full of combustibles too. And these things have been known to start fires if your project breaks loose or your machine goes on independent ops in the middle of a job. So it just a precaution. The hose is a 2.5" and its run through a piece of PVC pipe that is hooked to the spindle to keep it out of the power and water lines.

Luke, I have a guest room if you ever make it to this part of the world.

(Stephen Taylor) #180

Looks awesome, never thought about the fire extinguisher balls. That’s badass. Good work

(Reid Forrest) #181

I was about to ask about the two moons orbiting your Shapeoko… I’ve been thinking about fire suppression recently. What make and model are those and where did you buy them?