Travel distance off

Hi, new to CNC. I have a shapeoko 3 xxl and my machine travels less rite than left on x axis. My belt seams tight enough and it is clean don’t know if it’s missing steps or is an acceleration/ deceleration problem. It happens in a project or even just moving it with the processor.I’m using CNCJS as my processor. I’m lost, any help would be appreciated.

With the machine on, try to move (by hand, not too hard) each side by itself.

Both sides should feel ‘locked’ in place, if one side feels loose then that’s where the problem is. If that is the case, update us and there’s some things to check for.

Sorry my post was wrong it’s the x axis, the left and rite…. Also it seems locked on both sides

For acceleration/deceleration settings see:

Make sure the machine is mechanically sound. Per the machine operating checklist: Machine Operating Checklist - Carbide 3D , the basic points of adjustment for a machine are:

Pulley set screws — verify that these are in-place and secure — for further details on checking them on a Shapeoko 3 see: Checking Pulley Set Screws - Carbide 3D — be sure to check all axes/pulleys (including Z on machines w/ belt-drive Z-axis, for an HDZ, check both coupler screws).

(for the SO3/4, X- and Y-axes) V wheels / eccentric nuts: Tightening Eccentric Nuts - Carbide 3D

(for the Pro, and SO4 Z-axis) Lubrication of the linear rails:

Belt tension (see the relevant step in your instruction manual, e.g., Step 5 Belting - Carbide 3D) Note that the X-axis motor is held in place on standoffs and if those bolts are loose this can cause belt tension issues. Also, belt tension for the Y-axis stepper motors needs to be even/equivalent on each side — a significant difference can cause skipping on one side eventually resulting in lost steps on both. Measuring belt tension, squaring and calibration

Ensure that all screws are in place and secure, esp. on the linear rails on a Pro.

When you send the config for the SO3 XL the configuration has historically been less than the maximum travel to accommodate the SuckIt Dst Shoe. The Suckit has ears that stick out and can slam into the Y axis rails. So you can increase the X travel a little at a time. You do not want the machine to be jogging and run into the mechanical stop. The configuration limits how far you can jog. However if you make a mistake in the gcode you can send the Z axis crashing into the Y rails. So remember to always look at the preview when starting CM with a file and make sure you are not trying to cut outside the lines. It is very important to only color with your crayons inside the lines.

If interested I created a document about making an optimized spoilboard for an SO3. I cover how to determine the optimum size for a spoilboard so you can surface the whole thing without leaving a ridge along any side.

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)

This was written for an SO3 but can be adopted for any of the newer machines you want to put a supplemental spoilboard on top.

So with a shim in my belt it seams to work better, can’t seem to get my belt tight enough


If you still have problems, let us know at (and let us know you’ve seen these links so we don’t re-send them).