Trial Vs Pro Carbide Create Software Feature Variance?

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Very new to CAM software and 3D design, however I am interested in learning prior to making a financial commitment to a CNC Machine. In doing so I discovered I can download Carbide 3D for free to learn, perfect! However in playing with the software and following various Youtube video’s and guides, I keep getting lost in the process because they have different features and buttons they are using during their guides, IE - the option to choose ‘pocket’ in the offset options, boolean options are non existent.

My frustration comes into play trying to understand how to do these task and customize the tool paths as such.

Are these features specifically not included on the free version? (trying to determine if software is actually not working properly)
Once I purchase a Shapeoko, is the ‘Pro’ Version with all the features included?

the “Pro” version includes 3D modeling (so you can create more 3D looking effects, or do things like Cutting STL models with Carbide Create Pro (nearly-2021 edition)).
Everything else is the same.

Right now the C3D folks give you a year free license to Pro as well

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At this time, Pro is a separate product — it’s only the free version which is bundled with machines (but it’s also free to anyone else).

Boolean operations haven’t changed in a long while if ever — they’re just logic, see:

Note that you now use shift, not control to add/subtract objects from the current selection, see:

Toolpaths one can just right-click on them and edit:

For the free 1 yr. of Pro see:

If you’ll let us know the specifics of the problem which you are having we will do our best to work through them with you.

Those videos are for version 300.

I know it’s fine if you are familiar with the product and its growth. But for a new user, who is struggling to come to grips with things, there are enough UI differences to cause confusion about what type of CC they have.

I recommend a disclaimer when you direct people to these videos. Many people will think they have the wrong version of the software.

The UI differences are cosmetic save for the keyboard shortcuts. Those aspects of the program haven’t changed since that version, and the only meaningful difference in this context is the change from control to shift for multiple selections.

You are 100% correct.

But, cosmetic differences are important for the novice. There are lots of posts wondering why the screen colour is different to the pictures, for example.

The UI is a context driven one. You can’t tell if there’s a Boolean operation until you select two items.

As soon as the new user sees differences and does not see what they are looking for because they haven’t yet selected two item yet, and they see the UI is different, self-doubt can creep in.

It might be nice to mention the version is old when you give people these old links.

Thanks Gerry, you nailed it. I actually did come to realize this and have been working on designs all day now that I know where to look. The buttons do move update to update it seems. Glad I am able to learn while awaiting delivery.

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