Trying to create a slope profile, whats the easiest way

Thats it, except it still doesn’t have a slope to it.

Note that from a side angle the pockets slowly decrease in elevation from front to back. This is what I mean by “Slope”

OIC, it’s supposed to be sloped down from front (higher) to lower (back).

That’s just a matter of rotation in the 3D model, and in Carbide Create, adding the additional area and larger geometry for it.


That sounds like the ticket.

I don’t know how to do this “Rotation” you speak of.

To add the slope in Carbide Create increase the size of the Stock and make a larger piece of geometry:

Model it at an Angle:

Then model the other elements as before:

adjusting as necessary for the added height.

and create some additional geometry to flatten everything else out:

Adjust the geometry as necessary to get the desired result.

Side note. Is there a way to install previous builds of Carbide?

As in older versions of carbide 3d?

Reinstall them from a backup of the installer?

The 3D model with the requested rotation is:

Yeah. That mock up looks correct.

I can get that result in Carbide using the version you presented. But then the project is way off from the zero space.

Ultimately, I’d like to try to unpack the previous modeling I did, but I think I need an older version of carbide, that allowed me to build a slope.

I’m sure you’re convinced that I’m “Mis remembering” how I got the results I did.

However… I’m 2000% certain, that I never had a pyramid in the “Angle” tool. I was able to create a simple slope. Thats for certain. The tools don’t seem any different. They just behave differently now, so… I’m wondering if a previous build had different behaviors.

OR… somehow the design I made, allowed for the slope to be built. I have no clue. but I did probably 30 versions of that tray, and I was able to do it repeatedly with new files. So it was for sure a possibility in previous versions.

The STL file:

Poker Tray.stl (24.3 KB)

Is correct when viewed in a 3rd party 3D tool:

and when imported into Carbide Create:

Has the expected appearance:

poker chip tray.c2d (1.6 MB)

Gotcha. So I need something other than Carbide to do it now?

What tool is that?

SO the way I understand that is… you are exporting the shape from carbide into some sort of “File” and then importing the shape back into Carbide? How did you get there?

I used the Blockly variant of OpenSCAD BlockSCAD, but as noted, doing this in Carbide Create was shown, and if one wants the 3D model somewhere else, just export as a PNG and reimport that.

The workflow in its entirety was:

  • model 3D in a 3rd party program
  • export as an STL
  • import the STL into Carbide Create

If you want a 3D CAD program we sell:

So. back to the other question, is there a place to find previous builds of Carbide3D?

Split this off into its own topic.

Please see:

For folks who have Alibre Atom3D see

By the way, as an update. I did in fact use a 3d modeling software to arrive at a better result. However, I’m getting some odd stepping patterns in the result. Any ideas on that?

3D files in Carbide Create are represented as pixel images.

It will help if Model Resolution is set to “Very High” before making the model:

but there will be some artifacting because the pixels create an underlying grid which the toolpaths must interact with.

You may want to consider a full-fledged 3D CAM tool such as MeshCAM.

I’m aware of that issue, but these do actually show up in the final product after carving.

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