Update issues with build 617

I just updated Carbide Motion from build 579 to build 617. When running the 579 version, bit-setter would “park” the router at the front and center position awaiting a bit change. Now the 617 build wants to park the thing near the front right, just a few inches away from the bit-setter location. This is not a good location for me due to how I have the work table set up. I have looked and “Googled” for information as to how to re-position the “park” area to the same spot as the 579 build, but so far, nothing. If anyone knows how to make this adjustment, thanks in advance. If this is the way Carbide 3D intended build 617 to run, they dropped the ball on this one. Since Carbide 3D doesn’t make earlier versions of Carbide Motion available, I used “System Restore” in Windows and went back to build 579, which in my opinion, worked great in the first place. Sometimes newer ain’t better.


I would agree with offering the ability to position the ‘park’ location at the front center as an option.

As to availability of older versions of software it is always a good idea to save older versions locally until you can verify newer versions work for you.


Got an answer to my question from Carbide 3D. The “park” position during a bit-setter operation is hard coded and is not able to be changed by the user. Also, found the reason for the change. Earlier versions of Carbide Motion, after initialization (if bit-setter is enabled) would move the router from the back-right position to the front-center position and risk hitting work tie-downs. (Has happened to me) The way to avoid this is having the router hug the right side rail on its way to the bit-setter location. From that point, all tool changes are made from a point a few inches to the left of the bit-setter. A little inconvenient but understandable.

I understand the reasoning.

BUT, I have been using my machine for a few years and my setup and processes are for the center or left. Plus I have to now move my beer er um water refer.

One of the most memorable moments of my life, was R.Adm. Grace Hopper addressing my school (just after lighting up a Lucky Strike at the podium) and stating that “Because we’ve always done it this way.” was not a good reason to continue doing a thing, and that she would come and haunt us if we ever said that.


In another thread, Rob explained that the position was changed because the newer larger machines allow work surfaces that are so large, it’s difficult to reach the middle of the machine to change bits - particularly during tiling operations, where the piece extends over the front edge. He also said that keeping it on the right keeps the travel to and from the bitsetter to a minimum (which then prompted the request to be able to place the bitsetter anywhere).

I posted a request to allow user placement of the bitsetter - and have the parking position base relative to that. This way, the travel is always kept to a minimum (from the bitsetter to the park and back) and CM only needs to support one setting (Bitsetter location). At a minimum, I asked for Left/Center/Right. You set the bitsetter wherever you want, and CM will park directly in front of it (or slightly offset, if that is a requirement).

I posted the request Here, but never created a formal Feature Request entry…I’ll do that now.

EDIT: I created a feature request: Here - CM Feature Request

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