V carve design over a 3d surface?

Hi there,
I’m new to CC Pro and I’m struggling a bit. Especially on the 3d modelling side so be gentle with me!
Basically I’m trying to make a domed lid for a box from a piece of wood, and I’d like to have a simple v carve design follow the line of the dome cutting about .75mm deep.
If you look at my highly technical drawing, the first diagram is what I’d like to achieve. The only way I can find at the moment is to carve the v carve design super deep (with obvious loss of detail) and then dome the whole thing (2nd diagram).
Many thanks for any help.

You would need to subtract the V carving from the rounded form using Angle and Subtract, then cut it as part of the 3D form.

so … you can do this as long as you also have the gcode that cuts that dome…

I wrote a (browser based) tool to then “modulate” one set of gcode on top of the other (the base) … let me know if that’s what you have since I’ll need to then explain the pieces – I spend most of the time on the math behind this, not on making it a easy to use GUI :slight_smile:

Topographic inlay ← example of this in action where I put an inlay (which is just a fancy advanced v-carve) into a terrain carve

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I would try something like this. Draw the dome, and the bottom of the grooves up as a side view.
Then measure the dome (black), model it & do your 3D cut.
Then model the groove surface (Red) in a separate (Save As…) part, and cut that with your 30° Vee using a 3D finish with the stepover as the groove spacing you want.

Thanks Will, that seems to have done the trick in terms of designing it. The 3d simulation looks exactly as I want it to be, but when it actually comes to cutting the actual design the v bit just skims over the top and doesn’t cut into the domed part, so I must have my cut depths wrong somewhere.
When modelling a “subtract”, is the “height” setting simply the cut depth? And if I enter, say 1mm, will it assume I mean 1mm down from the domed surface automatically or will I have to take into account the total depth from the top of the stock?

Thanks for the reply!
I noticed in the link you mentioned the new CC Inlay feature… Where is it??? I’ve looked for it but cant find it.
Sorry for the stupid questions.

see Creating inlays using the new Carbide Create feature

You will need to use a small enough tool for a 3D toolpath to cut the V details.

This is something that I’ve really wanted for Carbide Create. Aspire/Vcarve has the ‘overlay vector over 3D shape’ feature, but no way I’m going to shell out the cash for Vcarve.

I’d love to try this out if you’d be willing to share the URL.


basically you put in the gcode of the 3D finishing pass as the first file

then you add in gcode for your V carve as if it cuts at the top of the material

and the tool will “wrap” the 2nd gcode so that the Z of the 2nd gcode gets “modulated” by the first one…

(only really works with gcode from carbide create)


This is exciting! Can’t wait to try it out, and who knows, maybe it could be incorporated into CCreate someday. Hint Hint

this is clearly a “works for me” thing – if you hit issues please let me know and I’ll try to fix

and before cutting the output gcode… make sure to sanity check it using ncviewer or similar tools

Does this work for any vector? Or does it have to be a vcarve? Eg could I do a contour which I just use a Vbit on, or do I need to create something in actual vcarve?

it works with any path (as long as it comes from carbide create)

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Ok, so tried this with 2 g code files. When I went to load the modulated one into carbide motion it rejected it with a long list of unknown characters on many lines. Any ideas what I did wrong?
Box lid doming.c2d (736 KB)
Box lid v carve (to be wrapped).c2d (244 KB)

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