V carve inlays/Shapeoko 4 xxl and CC Pro

Good morning community! I want to preface this by saying that this IS IN NO WAY a plea for sympathy. I am a 75 yr old woodworker diagnosed with lung cancer spread to my spine. Treatments are brutal and thank God for my Shapeoko, as it has given me a fun escape from reality. I’ve created some wonderful items and am thankful for getting it. The one thing that escapes me is the ability to do Vcarve inlays. I really want to succeed at these but have failed greatly with several attempts. I’ve watched many many videos YouTube and others, I’ve written and printed the step by step directions and still failed. It’s the one goal I haven’t been able to reach. I’m using ¼ “ maple for the male and ¾” dark walnut for the female, all of which are scrap so far. So, does ANYONE know of or have the perfect step by step for these? THANK YOU all very much!

I assume you have seen this thread:

I have followed it and things mostly worked for me but my design has a couple of intricate parts that keep breaking off. I am going to try it with a simpler design.

I am using a 30 degree bit.

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I did a basic file when this feature was first announced:

and posted the files (which no one has downloaded), and step-by-step photos with notes — if you’ll post the design you are working on we’ll gladly do that with your files (I just ask that they be a similar size/scale since I have a fair bit of poplar and cedar).

Thank you Cullen, I’m going to print these and try it again!

Thank you Will, I’ll use these and keep trying.

Here’s a pair of updated files which have a border instead of a field:

inlay example — mirrored inlay.c2d (84 KB)
inlay example.c2d (72 KB)

I think they might make more clear the difference and should work (hopefully I can manage to dupe a piece of geometry twice and add a consistent length to each dimension of each copy before my first cuppa — if not, that’s why it didn’t work).

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