vCarve Inlays with... vCarve Desktop! Details and discoveries

The non-carbidemotion one should still be fine (I used it yesterday), if you need to send with carbide motion I updated that one recently here:

Thanks for the response, I only got started with my Shapeoko and CNC in general about a month ago. I’ve cut a few things but just invested in Vectric carve desktop and was surprised, or at least dismayed, that there was no tool change prompts for my bitrunner. That’s why I asked if this was the newest version of your modified post processor since I apparently revived a 4 year old post. Any suggestions are welcome!

So is Carbide motion good for Vcarve desktop? I’ve been debating purchasing it since the start/flat depths make so much more sense for inlays compared to carbide create.

This video is great at explaining how to correct the bit from plummeting the entire start depth for your plug. It pretty much tells you to break it down into multiple jobs to avoid going so deep in one shot.


Design wise, it’s amazing. I exported my G code and ran the job for each tool independently, I was just disappointed by the fact that it doesn’t support tool changes natively. I’ll have to rewatch that video though because I am having an issue with the depth of my V bits. My test inlays so far have these ugly gouges in them.

For tool changes, if I understand correctly, you simply need to choose a post processor which supports/enables them. See:

It’s almost the exact same thing.
Create uses total depth from Z0.

V-Carve uses Flat depth measured from start depth.


Just measuring from a different reference.

So then why is it whenever my start depth is larger than my max depth for Create, it shows that nothing is being cut in my simulation? Where as in Vcarve the start depth needs to be larger.

You can’t start below the maximum depth you want to cut.

Larger than what?

For example, previously I’ve tried using a .18 start depth and .02 max depth in Create, to match my .20 pocket. I was originally under the impression that .18 of the plug will fit inside the pocket. This formula works in Vcarve, but not Create.

So what I struggle to understand is, in Create, how can it not cut .02 after it cuts .18 for the start. This is why start depths don’t make sense to me.

You’re already 0.16" past your max depth.
If you want to cut down to a total depth of 0.2" ib Create, set your MAX depth to 0.2"

If you want to cut to a MAX depth of 0.2" in V-carve, your start depth added to your “Flat” depth must equal 0.2"

As Will says, VCarve supports multiple tools just fine if you have a BitSetter and select the right post-processor.

Let us know if you have any trouble getting it to work.

I get that, but I cant just set a max depth of .2 for my plug since it won’t fit… Like why wouldn’t it cut anything with a start of .18? Isn’t the router going .18 deep to start off? I don’t understand what I’m missing haha

Please post a file and a description of your difficulty and we’ll do our best to assist.

I just fail to understand what start depth does in carbide create. I’ve been told to make the start depth greater in order for the plug to insert deeper into my pocket. (but if its greater than my max depth nothing shows on the simulation) But in my last project I had to lessen the depth of my start depth for it to fit deeper. I unfortunately don’t have those files anymore.

The EXACT same thing it does in V-Carve.

Max depth is the maximum depth…nothing should be greater than that, by definition.

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Ok but simply, for example not inlay specific, if I put lets say .1 in the start with nothing in the max, why would it not cut .1 into the material? OR am I wrong with that statement and there is an issue with create for me?

Start depths are to let the toolpath know that you’ve already cut out the area from 0 to the start depth in another toolpath.

So if you want to surface first down to 2mm with a 4mm bit and then VCarve the exposed surface, you need to set a 2mm start depth.

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I don’t get why you want to have no max depth. It is simply how deep you want to cut into your stock.

The start depth is how much stock you want to ignore ABOVE the START of your carve. It’s kind of like an adjustment of Z-zero for that toolpath.

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