VFD instructions?

Love the VFD. But it didn’t come with instructions or a manual. It works great just hooked up to the controller, but where can I learn what the buttons, dial, and menus do on the VFD itself?

Thats what I want to know. Opened box no instructions on the use of.

Good news! https://my.carbide3d.com/manuals/vfd-spindle-kit/
Thanks to Rob for posting them!

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That’s an awesome start for installation instructions and setup. Would still love to know what the 8 buttons, dial, and many menus on the controller do

I could be off here and @robgrz can correct me, but the intent is to plug the vfd in, and then you shouldn’t need to interface with it much.

I went to PWN CNC… it looks like those buttons are for programming the spindle drive. Since it is preset ready to go from Carbide just ignore them. I can understand why Carbide doesn’t want it messed with but it would be nice to know.

I am sure someone will hack in and figure out how to unlock the C3D VFD.

I am old enough to remember when you bought software you got 5.25" floppy disks. Then later you got 3.5" floppy disks. Then still later you got a CD and then a DVD. Now a days you dont get anything and go online to get the manuals/software/drivers. I know it is nice to get a manual but usually it is never read or read once and is saved until the end of time in the box the device came in. Read the instruction online and save a tree so we can carve it up instead of making paper out of it.


That would be awesome if c3d posted the manual online. I certainly prefer online to printed.
It sounds like maybe they don’t intend to provide anything and they locked everything down. Going to look through the linked PWN manual tomorrow. I’d love to be able to have it display spindle rpm while cutting, for example.

You can get the .pdf manual here. Pressing “>>” should get it to display spindle RPM. Unfortunately, that’s all you can get it to display since its password protected. ;-(

2023-05-25 Edit
OOPs - you apparently can also get it to display "Set Frequency" by pressing “>>” again. Section 6.6 of the manual shows what it could be configured to display with the password. (Speed must be the “Customized Display Value”.)

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