Virtual Graph Paper for CC Import

Found this cool online program for making drawings. Instead of doing hand drawing in CC I do it here and then save it as an svg file and import directly into CC. Its pretty intuitive and easy to use.


FYI - It saves the cursor position as a dot in the svg file and puts a box around the border of the graph paper but that’s easy enough to remove after importing to CC.

Gave it a quick try and liked it. Wish I had know about it a week ago. Thanks.

Glad you liked it. I thought it was pretty cool. I was trying to do a free hand design in CC and was not having much luck with some curves so i decided to try the virtual graph paper and save as a svg file and import into CC and i had it finished in no time. Like i mentioned, there is a little bug in the program where it saves the cursor position as a dot and puts a large square around the whole design but that was easy to remove once i imported it into CC. Much easier than trying to do free hand drawing in CC.

What freehand design were you having trouble drawing?

If you’ll post it and let us know the specifics we’ll walk you through it.

Wrote a bit about using the curve tool at:

and at:

Thanks for the info Will. Ill take a look at the videos

The big thing is, using the Curve tool it should be possible to draw anything — you just have to alt-drag on off-curve nodes in Node Edit mode to make a sharp point which has off-curve nodes.

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