What did you cut on your Shapeoko/ Nomad today?

I did my first 2 sided job today. 1 minute into the back side 3D roughing pass I thought it was going wrong so I stopped it. Checked Z and it was Ok so I decided to remove the roughing pass and let it restart.

Glad I did. It turned out good. I had a bit of a skin around the handle but a little sanding and it was ok. Should have used a smaller stepover but I was really experimenting with 2 sided not looking for perfection. As it was, the whole job took about 1.5 hours so it’s an expensive spoon. I need sand a little more and coat it in mineral oil.

I used a square to position, I did not use pins for the flip.

I followed the process to design from scratch I saw on YouTube. Hopefully I will retain some of what I learned.


It’s a device for holding the guiderail in place on the material. This one

I don’t use it enough to justify the cost of a woodpeckers angle plate, in fact I used my speed square for years, and it worked fine.

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Brian, That is a nice sign. Is there a story behind it, someone recovering from illness?

Someone that has had a really rough life and sees the Phoenix as a source of strength. They have a tattoo similar to the sign im making symbolizing that.

That’s beautiful.

Yours is officially the first project I zoomed in to try to remember where that dumb gas station is.

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I was finally able to get up and running with a Makita Router in place of my malfunctioning VFP and spindle. First project. Designed and cut in the same day.


I like the way you did the bit boxes with their label intact. The bits standing up need labels because as you get more and more it is hard to keep up with what they are. Specifically when you start adding custom bits not in the C3D database.

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First Attempt at cutting an inlay. Pretty good if you look in the mirror !! :disappointed_relieved:


Slice it really thin :joy:

The fit is great though!

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You had one job … :smiley:

PS. Don’t expect to apply to that Academy! :smiley:

PPS. I did the same thing on my first one, but it was a small symmetrical object … so no one knew! :smiley:

Just thought it would make someone’s day to see that we can have fun even with our ??challenges?? :grinning:


Looks like something for the Midvale School for the Gifted!

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One of my all time favorite Far Side cartoons!

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Finished up these epoxy inlay charcuterie boards for football season! It is a good thing my wife’s and my team don’t play each other often!


Mind if I ask which video you were following for tutorial? I’ve really wanted to make some spoons!

It was this one:

The video is 40 minutes long and pretty thorough.
I went through and followed his tutorial step by step rather than just downloading a premade cut program so that I could follow/learn.

Then I re-did the whole thing again because
I wanted to use different size stock. I ended up using 4x14x.8


Fantastic job @Dhuston99 not sure if you are the Gator Fan or War Eagle but either way SEC so your not too bad in my book lol. How did you do the trams is that epoxy or stencil or sticker? And if epoxy do you care to share your techniques?

Great work! I was inspired to check out the link but you may want to update it to https://www.openstreetmap.org/ instead of the .com variant you have. That link takes you to a page trying to get you to install a browser extension.


It is all epoxy. I use a 15 degree v but and 1/4 or 1/8 O-flutr bit. The tricky part is planning the order of the pours and preparing the vectors accordingly. You have to overlap some colors. I watched a lot Instagram and you tube from Shane’s hardwood. He does some amazing stuff. He has some videos on overlapping and node editing. I do use vcarve pro. Any other questions just let me know. Love to help anyway I can.

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Sounds good i have been watching lots if videos and guess I just need to pull the trigger and do it as a MIZZOU fan I like your idea, my wife is an Auburn fan so may have to make one of those too!