Why Vee bits not an option w HPDE/Acrylic?

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I am using my shapeoko xxl to cut mostly acrylic and hdpe pieces but whenever I want to select my 60 degree vee bit it is not listed as an option for either one. It is the only bit that is grayed out in the tool selection screen. Am I missing something or am I not supposed to be using Vee bits? I’ve already been using them and they work just fine, I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to be using that can get me the level of detail I’m looking for. Any help would be appreciated thank you!

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I don’t know why Vee bits were excluded from the HDPE/Acrylic (and Aluminum) menus. Probably because it would be a disaster to V-Carve in those materials due to the aggressive depth of cut associated with V-Carving. Have you tried creating your own Vee bit? You already have a “User Shapeoko - Acrylic” library. Right click on it and add a Vee bit with your specifications, feeds and speeds. The Shapeoko police won’t care.


They probably don’t have recommended cut settings for those materials yet.
What are you cutting? If you give some details, I’m sure @Julien will run a series of tests for you and get some nice close-up video of the test cuts…oh, wait


That is just mean :slight_smile:
Luckily I bought so many cameras over the course of finding the (now defunct) ideal one that I’ll just grab one of the previous ones

Anyway, @StephenN you may be interested in this thread where we discussed feeds and speeds for using V-bits in acrylic:

HDPE (a.k.a. butter) should be easier, just go fast(er).


Thanks all for your responses, feedback.

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