Xxl Pro making awful noises

Well since I can upload a video I’ll try describe what the machine is now doing. I just finished a carve. Machine went to go to the back right corner and started making a grinding noise as it’s going back. I turned it off, unplugged my laptop and plugged it all back and it’s doing it while i try and initialize the machine. When it’s off I can’t move it on the x axis. I unplugged the x motor and plugged it back in. Still not moving well on the x but it moved.

Now when it came forward it made the sound bit way worse and it was way off where it’s normally at when it comes forward, when it asks you put in a tool. It’s sitting right above the bit setter.

I have a 4xxl pro.

Check your wiring for the X motor, especially the connections.

Did that. It’s been working fine for about 2 weeks and now this again.

All of the connectors look ok? Check that the pins are actually crimped ok and the wires don’t easily pull out of the headers.
This really sounds like a wiring issue.

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Please contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we will do our best to work through this with you.

I did this once again

I haven’t looked at them all, I got very frustrated as I’ve replaced all the wiring already just a few weeks ago. I’ll go look in a bit.

How many hours do you have on the machine and when was the last time you oiled the linear rails? You might also want to check belt tension

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As far as actual use time, I’ve probably only have about 20-30 hours of actual carve time.

I’ve not oiled the rails, I’ll be honest, I don’t know I was supposed to or what oil I would need.

Maintenance is a factor of machine hours, the types of material you cut, and how hard you push your machine. For example, if you cut material like MDF and plywood which creates a lot of fine dust particles you may need to oil the linear rails a bit more often. Did you follow @neilferreri recommendation?

This info might be helpful.

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Yes I followed his suggestions. I checked them all and they appear to be fine. Like I said I just replaced all the cables about 2-3 weeks ago when they sent me all knew cables.

@Not-Ashamed-Designs In this case I would try Luke’s maintenance guide. Rail and linear guide maintenance

@Not-Ashamed-Designs from you the videos you’ve posted to Facebook, it appears that you have cut a lot of projects without any form of dust collection. If I had to guess, fine dust has built up in your liner rail blocks, causing your axis to bind.

Exposure to wood dust is harmful to you too. Extended exposure to wood dust is associated with health issues. For your health and the health of your Shapeoko, you should consider operating dust collection in your workflow.

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Well I’ve used dust collection but was advised by carbide that it was causing my disconnect issues. I know what dust can do to my body, you assume I don’t take that into consideration. I have a respirator that I wear. My full time has me exposed to all kinds of hazards that I’m perfectly aware of the potential hazards that woodworking can expose me to. Just because I am new to CNC doesn’t mean I don’t have a clue about the hazards. Im exposed to way more at work than my garage.

I’m hoping that 3D will step up there game in the customer service, A properly setup dust collection system is good, An improperly setup dust collection will create static electricity, which if not properly dissipated, will cause interrupts.

Completely understand, all i have now is a 6.5hp Rigid shop vac. I want a full stand-alone dust collection but I’m limited in my garage

Please note that when we note that dust collection is the cause of EMI, our recommendation is that one properly ground it, not remove it.

In particular, adding a bare wire the length of the hose or getting a conductive hose which also dissipates static such as:


is what is recommended.


@Not-Ashamed-Designs Sorry if I offended you. It is surprising how many people out there don’t know how harmful wood dust is.

In addition to @WillAdams recommendation, you might want to consider adding a Bit Runner V2 Deluxe to your workflow. My friend’s Shapeoko was plague by EMI issues. The Fulton anti static hose and bit runner v2 solved all his problems.