ZERO CNC experience

Please if this doesn’t belong here I do apologize… I just purchased a nomad and I have Zero experiance in the CNC world, is there some reading or watching any of you with experiance can suggest? Maybe CNC for dummy’s… I have a few weeks to learn as much as I can so I can start to play a little when I get the machine in, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also is there anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area that’s has a Nomad and willing to let me come over and watch and maybe learns a few things?


What do you want to make?
I have been watching Work Holding and Fixturing videos lately. Knowing how to hold a part is maybe 99% of the challenge in CNC.

For me the best way to learn is to screw up a lot. :smiley: I had zero CNC experience before this to…went through the tutorials and then made a million mistakes. I actually am in the Phoenix area, but might be too anti-social for play date. :stuck_out_tongue:


Apollo, I’m more wanting to do smaller items in the EDC World (every day carry) pry bars, multi tools, pocket trinkets! I was self taught on a Taig tools lathe and did hundreds of rings and beads over the last 2 to 3 years. Now I just want to step up my game to the next level, I have a million ideas floating in my head… I’d be working with plastics, composites, and woods and on to metals after I get the hang of cnc! Is there much copper being machined on the Nomad!

Lon V. If you ever changed your mind, please let me know. I’d love to see the nomad in action and watch first had someone program a job from start to cutting!!

It sounds like we have common interests.

Did you see the Weekend Project #2 EDC Pocket Top Project?

You will want to look at 2 sided machining using pins or the Flip Frame to register your parts, shown here:

I also recommend making yourself some work clamps to use with the threaded table:

Bamboo Work Clamps made with Carbide Create


Apollo, I did, I viewed it about 10 min after you posted it… I also have on order with my nomad the flip frame, and as soon as I see the low profile clamp I’ll also be getting it. And I did grab the upgraded threaded bed. It’s the idea in my brain to computer to cutter I’m stressing over. I’m willing to make the mistakes that go along with learning, I’m getting excited for this guy to come to its new home that’s for sure. I’m afraid I will turn into a hermit and my wife will have the nomad…