Combining 2 c2d files?

(Steve Cramer) #1

Is it possible to combine 2 separate files into 1? I created 2 separate Create files and want only one.

(William Adams) #2

I’m afraid not officially.

There was an app for converting from .c2d to SVG posted to the unofficial Shapeoko Facebook group recently — didn’t do curve objects though — you could use that to make an SVG, then import it.

The other thing to consider would be using a text editor to merge the two files — the .c2d fileformat seems pretty straight-forward, I’ve hand-edited it a couple of times when doing support and it’s worked.

If you wish, mail the two files in to and we’ll try to get them stitched together.

(Steve Cramer) #3

After sleeping on it, I remembered that I had used f-engrave to create the curved lettering I am using. So I can just re import it. To bad I just used a placeholder name for the export. And had over written it. That’s how I learn, do over until I get it down pat.