Adding Project Notes into CC file

I sometimes like to keep project notes for repeatable projects. This is done if I have a project that has not been run for a while I can refer back and know what tools were used as well as anything I need to remember such as problems I may have had.
Anything that a person may want to note.

I have not done this for a while and see there may be a need again in the future. Can something like this be added to CC without any major coding?

I threw this together as I was writing this post. Someone else may have better headers and format. This was just a thought.

BTW: another reason is I keep losing my paper notes. :crazy_face:


Excellent idea, I too have notes- but it is a matter of time when I lose them right before I NEED to use them :grinning:

@robgrz Maybe something to put in if CC implements “Projects” ?

My work-around for this is to upload things to Cutrocket which requires adding notes.

Cut rocket is all good but sometimes you don’t want to share with the world what you are doing.

I’ve just added a text object outside the workpiece.



Todd - you’re on a roll with some great tips, man. Thanks!

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Thanks. Happy to be helpful when I can. :smiley:

My OCD would have fits with the clutter. If I move it off the screen, I may forget it’s there.
I’d be much happier with a “NOTES” tab up with design & toolpath.
What can I say, I’m weird that way. :crazy_face:

Having a “standard” place to have notes would also allow future releases of CC to have useful features like “Search my notes” to return all projects that contain keywords in the Project Notes, etc. There are all sorts of useful reasons to have “project-level” attributes.


EXCELLENT point Gary! That too would be a great addition.

One way to help with clutter is to create a layer just for Notes. You could call it… Notes.

That way you can hide it without moving it, and the layer name isn’t TOO mysterious.

But yeah, a notes section for the project would be way better.

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Again, you have to remember you put it in a layer. Out of sight out of mind as they say. In my case this would apply.

When I send a file over to the saw department, at work, to be burned out on our plasma table. All the information they need is in the file name. Job number, sheet number, item number, material thickness, material, and quantity. In that way, it doesn’t matter what software generated the file, or what machine is going to cut it out. Granted, the operator will still find a way to mess it up.

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On the other hand, MeshCAM did, if not still does, add material dimensions, and tooling in the first part of the Gcode, which Cutviewer would use for simulating your project.

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Ages ago, there was a lot of discussion about this sort of thing on the Shapeoko forum — I guess the question here would be what sort of notes do folks need and how do they want to interact w/ them?

We discussed this a bit previously at:

and as noted in that thread, the assembly manuals have included a page of these for a while now:

Since you’re asking, here is the three main items I would like. This let’s me give notes to future designer me, and present and future operator me.


Even if it were a page with lines on it for the user to use as they see fit.

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Thanks @mhotchin I have had the same thoughts on being able to pass comments to the Gcode file. I do the design in my office and then send the files to the machine. embedded notes would allow me not to have to go back to the office. Project GCode files are stored on the raspberry Pi in the work area, It would be nice to bring them up and read the setup notes. Just 80 or 250 char per note/reminders. Overall project notes and maybe tool path notes would be nice.

I start some project 15 Mil off the bed and use a 25 mill sacrificial pad under the project so I don’t cut the spoiler board, (OCD), passing that setup info on would be nice.

I also design some project to use raw wood, which means it could very in thickness, the first part of the project is to prepare the thickness, the max and min thickness of the stock would be nice to know without going back to the office.

For me, and I’d imagine for others here, the concept of a “Project” is not necessarily only one GCODE file. My projects might have multiple GCODE files for different parts. Therefore, when you say “Project Notes”, I’m thinking notes about a PROJECT - even if it had a dozen GCODE / Design files! So, for me, this notes concept would benefit from a new construct - The “Project” that logically connects all of the artifacts needed for the job at hand - and would provide a single place to annotate/search/transmit/etc.