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I have a client who would like me to make a wall plaque. I want to cut the shape out and round the edge. But, I feel silly because I can’t figure out how to do this. I’ve subscribed to Carbide Create Pro and can create the 3D model/depth map, but can’t figure out how to set it up.

Is this not something that can be done? I want to round the outside edge like in the included screenshot and then do some regular carving and vcaring on the plaque surface.


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Hi Jordan,

  • I’m pretty sure @WillAdams has a tutorial somewhere for doing this natively in CC Pro, but I can’t seem to find it right now, so I’ll let him comment later today (timezones…)
  • since you have a 3D model of this already, you could export a STL file, use @fenrus tool to convert it to a grayscale PNG heightmap, then import that in CC Pro and use a 3D toolpath (roughing+finishing). Sounds complicated, but it’s actually easy (interesting thread/tutorial here).
  • or you could…NOT use your Shapeoko and manually bevel the edges using your trim router and a round router bit? sounds like it would be much faster and probably cleaner too.



(btw never use a bit with a bearing in a CNC router! but you can get roundover bits without them… but you’ll get exactly that round over, nothing else)

If you have a grayscale model of your bevel already in CC pro … where are you getting stuck ? Are you familiar with how to do general 3D stuff, if not, I made a tutorial at Cutting STL models with Carbide Create Pro (nearly-2021 edition) for the basic steps.

The deviation you’ll need is that you need to make boxes around the area you want to cut out for the toolpath, which for you will be only the edges not the whole piece.

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I worked up a bit on roundover endmills at:

The problems are:

  • don’t use a bit w/ a bearing
  • (most?) 3D CAM tools don’t preview such endmills
  • limited to the specific radius of a specific endmill — expensive to get a collection of them

Modeling it in 3D is easy — post a 2D drawing you’d want modified and we’ll see what can be worked out if you wish to use Carbide Create — if you already have it done, then just cut w/ 3D CAM and a suitable array of ball-nosed endmills.

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