Community challenge #22: VOTE HERE

Thank you all for the many entries in challenge #22, let’s vote!

Results as well as the quality of the write-up and how interesting/useful it was should be taken into account when voting.

Gentle reminder: legit forum members only / friends don’t ask friends to create fake accounts to vote

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Note1: folks have had difficulties uploading to CutRocket, and I have not had time to look into the new version to provide adequate support, so for this challenge I’ll just cancel the CutRocket bonus.

Note2 to @nickrooney: I had to draw the line somewhere, and your entry was just on the wrong side of the line for “kitchenware”, spectacular as it might be. I hope you’ll make a dedicated “behind the scenes” post about how you made it though!

Poll will close on July 18th, midnight PST


The Community Challenge entries are just great. I had a hard time deciding because all were pretty good. I did like the lazy susan for my second choice. But the salt and pepper shakers were good looking and practical.

The collective creativity of the community is rising. Great work by all entrants.


Great turnout, thank you all for your votes!

Clear cut victory for @nwallace and his shakers, congratulations !
That HDZ (@Luke said either a 4.0 or an IOU for a 5.0) will look great on your shiny machine.

@DrEigenbot’s kitchen tower gets 2nd place, congrats! And as tradition has it (first introduced by @neilferreri back in challenge #10), you will have to post a cute pic of your daughter wearing C3D swag when you receive it :slight_smile:

For Jury’s prize it was a real struggle to decide, it goes to @StokesJ for being brave enough to mill damascus steel, resulting in a pretty fancy (and unique) beer bottle opener!

Special mention goes to @HeuristicBishop for an inspiring post about using the Nomad3 to carve resin molds. “Special mention” does not exist I just made it up, but I’m sure we can still get you some C3D swag

@Lourdes will be in touch with the winners to ship your prizes.

Stay tuned for challenge #23 (and drop me a PM if there are themes you’d like to see in the upcoming challenges)