Community challenge #6, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

I hope you guys are safe out there.

You sure got creative, judging by the entries in challenge #6, and I love that there were a few “last minute” entries!

You know the drill: voting is open to legit community members only (you know who you are, and I can tell too :wink: )

Poll will close on April 12th midnight PST, good luck everyone!

Is there a dead last award. Think this will be the 2nd challenge in a row haha.


To be honest, @Sbedow7885, I wasn’t voting for a concept; just cut parts. My wastebin is full of my concepts! :smiley:

PS. It really looked nice, though.


Wouldn’t it be cool if every entry received at least a swag sticker?


I meant to make it haha… just haven’t had time with 3 kids and one being a newborn…and you know, the apocalypse…


Voted for you just because of this. Our third was born March 27th.


Our 3rd was March 10th, how are you guys holding up? AND THANKS FOR THE VOTE :grin:


Final bump. Closing the poll tonight!

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Congrats @BlindedSands for winning the contest! Inspiring, beautiful and simple, and well executed.

Second place goes to @MikeG, that tablet deserves to go on the (virtual) hall of fame of C3D-themed pieces.

And I agree with the popular vote on this one, the jury’s prize goes to @BubbyDog, for continuing to amaze us with his creations and dedication.

Enjoy your ZrN cutters and hogging out aluminium! You’ll have news from @Jorge when it will be possible to ship them to you.

I hope everyone still has enough stock material available, because the next challenge is coming!

Stay safe you all.


Wow! Thank you Julien! @BlindedSands really killed it with the Cube, a very nice piece of work!
I am still wondering how @MikeG got all those C’s to fit together without breaking any of those small parts, very well done and congratulations to you both!
Since I have already have some of the awesome Carbide 3D swag, could we send mine to 4th place?
I will gladly pay for shipping.
Thanks again Julien, and thank you Carbide 3D! These contests are a great way to learn new techniques and are really exciting for me. Very much looking forward to the next one!


Thank you Julien, Carbide 3D and all those that voted! Coincidentally have a project coming up that the bit will be most useful for :smiley:


Thanks all for the great competition! And thanks @Julien for running the contest. I’m honored! :smiley:


Congrats guys, I’ll be in touch shortly :wink: