Community challenge #8, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

Thank you all for the entries in challenge #8, we saw some pretty cool stuff again!

Let’s get to voting, as usual voting is open to legit community members only

Poll will close on June 3rd midnight PST
Stay tuned for challenge #9


Great turnout, thanks everyone. Last chance to cast you vote, see you at midnight for the results! (well, around breakfast time for me)


Thanks for putting this one on @Julien ! I know I’m not the only one who learns a ton from each of these contests :slight_smile: Each entry for this one seemed to encapsulate completely different topics/areas of interest, super cool and plenty of future project ideas :+1:


Well @SLabuta won that 3000m steeplechase one lap ahead of everyone, he deserves the clapping for that super nice entry :clap:

Congrats to @ColdCoffee for winning 2nd place, this planetary gear is pretty cool, now you’ll have to deliver on that promise to make it part of a larger planetary-gear-ception !

For Jury’s prize, well I scratched my head because there are many other entries I liked, but in the end I went with @72begin’s toy helicopter. While not as fancy as other entries, it has a really nice “raw and simple” quality to it, it matches the theme of the contest perfectly, and I like how it illustrates how the Shapeoko is there for all of us clumsy chaps who would otherwise be unable to cut clean curvy parts manually.

@Jorge will contact you to ship your prizes.

Thank you everyone for playing along, and see you in the community challenge #9 thread.


A big thanks to @Jorge and @Julien. After a snafu I finally received my Tiger Claw and Gator Clamps. Jorge even threw in some additional swag. Very cool (and warm) which will be needed here in Michigan in the not too distant future.

And I created a tray to hold the clamps and a few other items. I think these are required to hang out in the forums here.



Thanks again!