CW-3000 Fan Control (Reduce the noise!)

To anyone with a CW-3000, I just made a modification to mine that is going to be my favorite yet! The fan on the 110 VAC model runs on 110 VAC, so it’s quite simple to install a fan control knob.

I found this one on Amazon and it was super simple to drill a hole through the front of the unit, the control knob comes with double sided mounting pads and a nut and washer to hold it in place, so just a 5/16" drill bit was all that was needed there.

The wiring involved cutting the black wire right before it goes into the fan. I added just under two feet of 16 AWG stranded wire to each side that I just cut (using solder and heat shrink tubing, but a wire nut and electrical tape is probably sufficient here). On the new loose ends, use 1/4" female spade connectors to make it ready for a simple plug into the new fan control knob.

So far it’s working great! I have it turned off with a close eye on the coolant temperature. I deal with industrial liquid cooled pumps at work and I believe that there is enough liquid volume in the tank, plus the other heat loss avenues of uninsulated tubing and the radiator, that the noisy fan is far overkill for a CNC setup like this. I am leaving it turned off, but since it’s on a dial, I can adjust the fan speed if needed based on coolant temperature. Anything less than full blast is going to be quieter than before.


oh great tip… and quite timely. I was looking at just replacing the fan entirely with one that was rigged for control, but this is even simpler

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Here’s a video showing a similar mod.


hmmm a dimmer…
that makes me want to put a zwave dimmer there so I can remote control it :wink:

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While that sounds cool, and it seems like you might be joking. But I must reiterate, I think turning the fan on AT ALL is unnecessary. This dimmer gives the most options, but from what I’ve seen so far, OFF is just right. I actually haven’t seen my coolant temperature raise above ambient yet since I turned the fan off. I didn’t have the CW-3000 long enough before I made this change to know how that compares to before.

good point… I might just put a simple on/off there… and really assume I’m never going to need it
(my machine is in my basement, which seems to be between 60 and 70F all year)

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