Determine the angle of vectors at a node

I am new to Carbide create. I am trying to determine the angle in degrees of 2 intersecting vectors
at a node. Any ideas?

Carbide Create doesn’t have a feature for this — you have to do the underlying trigonometry, or draw the tangent at right angles, then rotate the circle and the other geometry (but if the circle is a circle, it won’t rotate unless you perform a node edit or Boolean operation to make it into a curve).

Recent tech support query had me doing:

Post the file?

EDIT: My first idea didn’t work…this one does:

Here are your two vectors

  • Rotate the vectors (or a copy of them) so that one leg rests along a grid line
  • Then Draw a box smaller than the vector bounding area
  • Drag the box’s lower left corner so it snaps onto the vertex of the vectors
  • Scale the rectangle using the top-middle handle until the top-right handle lines up with the second vector
  • Hit Done.
  • The rectangle is still selected so the width and height values shown on the screen are the numbers you need

The angle is arc-tangent of (the Height of the rectangle divided by the width)
In this case: 52.866691379636990706376552930063 degrees :slight_smile:


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