GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4

Here’s a link to the first builds of GRBL 1.1 and CM4. It’s not what we’d call “done” but it works well and we want to get it in the hands of some of our more brave users.


This update is good for all Carbide 3D machines. Shapeokos must have homing switches though.

If you have any problems, please send them to so we can open a ticket and get them taken care of.


PS- The links above will be updated as we release new builds. In an effort to keep this thread clean and helpful, posts might be deleted as problems are fixed. Please don’t be offended- we’re just trying to use this thread as a todo list for current problems.

Known Problems:

  • On Nomad machines with safety interlock, door must be closed on startup to avoid Error: 13


I’m getting “Limit Switch Hit” Errors
Did you change your GRBL settings manually to enable soft limits? Don’t do that. Reload the default settings in Carbide Motion.

Will custom settings be saved?
No. All settings are deleted when the machine is upgraded so if you’ve modified anything, like the steps per mm on a Shapeoko, be sure to record those values before reflashing the unit.

Is an Internet connection required for the new CM4?
No. The docs do mention a browser window but the browser is only communicating with a server embedded in Carbide Motion itself. Carbide Motion runs totally locally on your PC or Mac.

Are there going to be more firmware updates for GRBL?
We sure hope not. We’ve held off on releasing this until we could be sure that there would not be a need to reflash the unit again. There will be more CM releases, but these will not require reflashing GRBL.

Should I open a new thread for my bug report?
Nope, email us at so we can open a ticket.

When I try to run the updater I get: "The program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
Go to and install the Microsoft Windows Redistributable package. We didn’t want to create an installer for a one-time program like the updater so we didn’t include this. In most cases, it’ll already be installed on your machine.


2/15 - Build 401 uploaded to handle weird Y axis jogging behavior and enabled homing in Shapeoko configuration. Be sure to download settings again after updating

2/16 - Build 402. Rapid Positioning mas rapido. Think we fixed the jogging problems.

2/16 - Build 403. Rapid position to program X0Y0 and Z+6 fixed.

2/21 - Build 404. Reworked jogging to make it less dependent on system settings/behavior. Changed pause/stop button behavior to try an fix cases where they were disabled.

2/23 - Build 405. Fixed Copy GCode button

2/27 - Build 406. Fixed bug is the same filename is loaded twice.


Rolling back to 0.9 is no longer supported, but the bulk of this post is being left in place for reference.

  • Re-flash
  • First, download a utility for this (see below for further documentation and an alternative using the SDK) see: Flashing Grbl to an Arduino · gnea/grbl Wiki · GitHub
  • Hex files are no longer available
  • When you launch the utility, Choose atmega328 UNO as the target, 115200 as the baud rate, and the attached hex file (click the button with the three dots to navigate to where you saved the file)
  • The COM port should auto populate but it’s a good idea to check in device manager.
  • Once you do that, open a log in Carbide Motion (in the settings screen), then click the info button. Press CMD+1 (mac) or CTRL+1 (win) and the factory settings will be uploaded. Watch the log for a series of number in red counting up from $1, $2, until $132 (see for reference )

Note that depending on board version you may need to hold down the Z-axis homing switch (newer revisions) or a “Program” button on the board itself (older boards), and keep it pressed until the process completes, just like carbideupdater

(see for reference: Flashing Grbl to an Arduino · grbl/grbl Wiki · GitHub (Uno Atmega 328 and 115200) — alternately use the Arduino SDK (cross-platform) and compile Grbl from source: Compiling Grbl · grbl/grbl Wiki · GitHub )


I think we’ve found that a forum thread is the wrong way to discover bugs and work through them for a beta release. We’re going to clear this thread out and use it only as a way to notify everyone of new releases and updates.

If you have any problems with Carbide Motion 4, please send bug reports to so we can open a ticket, work to duplicate the problem, and get it fixed.

We’ve got a bunch of new software coming out in the next few months so, in addition to Carbide Motion 4, this beta release process itself is something we’d like to get worked out.

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I’m having a problem updating my Nomad. I have an original 883 from the Kickstarter.

I ran the GRBL updater and bricked my nomad.
Then used Xloader to put the old GRBL into a fresh UNO and install it in my nomad.
I then ran the carbide updater and tried connecting with the current build of CM.
It gave me a GBRL error(1): cutter not found.
I connected the the nomad with the Arduino serial monitor at 115600 and got :
Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]
[MSG:Check Door]

I have no door switch.
The error in not consistent with what others have seen with a door open problem so no help there.
Jorge and Will are helping me resolve the issue but if you have any insight, i would love to hear it.

Send that to and we’ll get a ticket open.

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Done, Thank you for the quick response!!

Well darn, now I feel bad about proactively asking that everyone use this thread… hang on, gotta go send some e-mails…


“I think we’ve found that a forum thread is the wrong way to discover bugs and work through them for a beta release…”

I don’t think so. I followed the original thread when v4 was made available as a beta a acouple of days ago, and I found it very useful to read about the issues other people had. I think that shutting the thread down and providing an alternative e-mail address for bug reports is awkward. Don’t do that!

Edit: Please delete this post, it does not make sense anymore. I am very happy with how v4 has developed and the feedback you give here.

Edit2: Your latest blog post says “We been tsting GRBL 1.1 …” Maybe you want to correct something here (it’s not my language but I noted a couple of spelling issues there…9


Well, as a business man, perhaps I understand why Rob has chosen to go the email route, and as a customer, I like the forum thread idea. (It will stop some people from jumping on board 1.1 who may not possess the skills to manage or fix their problem, duplications, learning how to work around, etc.)

Perhaps there is a meeting of the minds, where someone from Carbide3D can list known problems, and or work arounds with the latest released version. Clearing out older non-applicable versions/threads.

GRBL 1.1 is great, I love the feed increase/decrease option, but if it only had cutter compensation too (grin)

CM403: I think it’s about 95% ready, and can be used by many of the experienced users, having to reboot CM only occasionally; so if you are ready, jump into the pool, and help me to get this t0 100% ASAP (Meaning I’d like to see a few more people testing it) (if the below list is something you can handle.

Known issues (that I see) (Windows AND Macbook versions)

Jogging: (ALWAYS)
(1) Metric: It still feeds 0.6 mm occasionally (2) Inch is still moving in millimeters (or fractions there of) (3) It’s seems to that it continues to jog (Fast mode only) after you have released the button, which results in either a Soft or Limit switch error (But NO error is posted on the screen, so I don’t know the exact error), and the machine freezes ( and will need a CM reboot), this is easy to work around (Just release the button extra early!)

Load File: (SOMETIMES) 50%
(1) The load screen doesn’t always show that the file is loaded but going to the Run screen will show that the file is actually loaded (2) But Sometimes a new file (program) will NOT load and will need a CM reboot

Limit Switch Error: (SOMETIMES, 20%)
While running a well proven program, I encounter a Limit Switch Error for (a) no apparent reason (it’s in the middle of engraving, so there are no strange moves) and (b) at different areas of the program ( and will need a CM reboot), BUT sometimes it works just fine (non-repeating error)

Everything else is great, and works awesome. I am not keen about the menu choices and somethings will take getting used to; like after I set my part zero, and quit the jog screen (twice?), the Load file menu appears rather than the Run menu (I already loaded the file, before I set my 0/0, etc.

EDIT: Bug Report email was also sent

Edit 2: Rob, you have my permission to delete this message if you do not approve.


I installed both upgrades today on my Shapeoko XL and the install was very smooth and error free. I notice the pesky stutter when jogging at fast speed seems to be gone. Good on you, mate!!


Edward managed to duplicate the jogging bug you listed one time but he hasn’t been able to duplicate it after that.

We have some ideas about what the causes are but they’re just educated guesses at this point. We’ve decided to move ahead on a big change to the jogging system that, if we’re right, will fix your problem. Even if it doesn’t fix it, the change is something that should make the whole jogging system better.

ETA is a day or two.


Anyone report issues with pausing or stopping a run?

Yep, I did this afternoon.

@Wannabe_Maker and @sagertat - I noticed this once also.

If either of you can reproduce - please send an email to

Just uploaded build 404 (links above).


  • Jogging problems fixed (occasional runaway)
  • Incremental jogging cannot be interrupted now
  • Slow jog mode removed
  • Changed logic for Pause/Stop buttons to try and fix cases where they were disabled incorrectly.

If any problems come up, email us at

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Just uploaded build 405 to file the “Copy GCode” button.

Based on the feedback we’re seeing, I think we feel comfortable with more people trying this out. We’ll put it on the blog later today.


I tell you what 1mm increments is heaven! Jogging has never been so good!


Just uploaded build 406 to fix the problem where a file would not be updated if the gcode changed but the filename didn’t.

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Hi @robgrz,

Where is your fork of grbl that you’re using to build these firmware updates from?


answered here: GRBL 1.1 changes from stock?

Please don’t do this.

Has anyone here solved an issue with carbide motion 406 silently failing to launch under windows? Does the software generate a log file anywhere when it’s launched?