J Tech laser (OPT Laser)

I have purchased an OPT Laser and there online help is like non existent
I’m looking for some help connecting the two leads to the Control Panel. I have the latest version of the C/P. I have the old ShapeOKO 3 which i have updated with all the newest and latest addons, bit setter, bit runner and now XXL table.
I would sure appreciate ANY help available.

From the laser to the Carbide 3D controller?
Workout more detail, probably connect to a PWM output and Ground.

Did this thread help?

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FYI - I was never able to get this question answered.

The question of where to connect the PWM and Ground wires?

Correct. Neither Opt Lasers or Carbide 3D provided an answer. I never got the Opt Laser working.

That thread though ?

If you tell us where you ended up in the attempt to connect the OPT laser, I’m sure the community can help sort it out ?

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Not sure if this will help you much, I have my JTech laser driver connected to the ISP header, my machine is a Shapeoko 3 with the 2.4e board.

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Timely. Just got my C3D VFD/Spindle hooked up to my BitRunner port. The connector isn’t super strong so I’d rather tap a second output inside the board for my laser when using it.

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Thanks, Julien. I got to a certain point, then got a little frustrated. Maybe I’ll try again sometime.

I have been in contact with the people who are connected with OPT Lasers and they are very concerned that we are having so many problems.
I believe that in the near future they will be able to show us exactly how to connect the laser. I have even offered to send them a control board so they can figure out just where the best connections should be made.
Hopefully soon we will be able to use this laser.

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Did you try connecting to PWM and GND?

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Just realized that picture is an older board revision. Do you know if the ISP header on the latest PCB has another PWM out? I’ll start digging through some old posts to see if I can find more hints on PWM out.

I’m using the BitRunner output for my new C3D VFD. I could make a new harness to tap for my laser, but using an internal connection would be easier. I don’t want to swap connectors on the BitRunner port as it’s not a very sturdy mount on the PCB and it’s a very tight fit.

I do not. The 2.4e board is the only one I’m somewhat familiar with. What version do you have?



Super! Just wired it up and now hopefully many years before I open that case again :slight_smile:

Not as yet, because I’m not sure where to connect them. Are you able to help me out with that? Would certainly be grateful for any help.

@woodinturn If you look at the thread I linked to in my initial reply it shows the many options you have to access PWM & Ground on the PCB you have. Is that a photo of your board? If nothing is currently connected, I would consider soldering a screw terminal to the labeled pads in the top right of your photo.
Unless your wires are terminated with a female dupont connector…then, just use the ICSP header.

and for a 2.4 board, the layout and pinout is described here.

The pic I posted above is for the 3.0 controller.